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This Is Us Spoilers: Chris Geere Shared A Revealing Detail About Series’ Final Scene

Four episodes remain for NBC’s emotional family drama This Is Us, and as creator Dan Fogelman works to wrap up all the plot points that he’s planted throughout the six seasons, members of the cast keep giving fans little hints of what’s left to come. Milo Ventimiglia said he was “incredibly devastated” when he learned how the series would end, while Mandy Moore said she threw up after reading the second-to-last script. Sterling K. Brown predicted ugly crying, and he actually followed through with a tearful plea for Moore to win an Emmy. The latest to cough up some intriguing details was Chris Geere, who spoke perhaps too openly about This Is Us’ final scene.
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‘This Is Us’: Chris Geere on Preparing for KaToby Fans’ Reaction to Phillip (VIDEO)

Chris Geere is breathing a sigh of relief. After This Is Us revealed last May that, in a future timeline, Pearson sibling Kate (Chrissy Metz) was about to marry her cantankerous widowed boss, Phillip (Geere), with no sign of her first husband, Toby (Chris Sullivan), the British actor knew viewers would assume the worst. “The fans all thought I was the one causing the problem [between them],” he says. Instead, in the show’s April 12 hour, we found out Phillip and Kate didn’t have their first date until well after “KaToby” went kaput. Whew!

This Is Us' Chris Geere Gauges Kate and Phillip's Incoming, Inevitable Romance

We haven’t known This Is Us‘ Phillip very long… but way he gazed at Kate in Tuesday’s season premiere told us a lot about the heretofore reserved Brit. That said, new cast addition Chris Geere previews that even though a flash-forward in Season 5 clued us in to the fact that Kate and Phillip will eventually marry, there’ll be no whirlwind romance between the two. Instead, Geere says, there’ll be a “slow build” from co-workers to life partners. And that makes sense, given how Kate is very married — to Toby — at the current point in the story. Consequently, the...
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This Is Us’ Chris Geere Reveals ‘Huge Challenge’ Of Playing A Villain In The Final Season

In the biggest twist of Season 5 — and arguably one of the most unexpected moments since the time-traveling revelation of the series’ premiere — This Is Us fans learned that the NBC drama's final season will see not only the demise of Kate and Toby’s marriage, but Kate’s getting remarried to Phillip, the music teacher she works with at her son Jack's school. If fans were hurt and confused by how Kate and Phillip’s tumultuous-at-best relationship turned into love, just imagine the journey Chris Geere, the actor who plays Phillip, is on.

This Is Us star Chris Geere hints of Kate's future husband, Phillip: 'He's a miserable person'

At the end of the fifth season of This Is Us, Kate seemed to get the storybook ending that she'd always wanted. Except it was with... the grumpy guy at the music school?. A few years into the future, the Pearson daughter (Chrissy Metz) was seen in her wedding dress, preparing to exchange vows with… Phillip (Chris Geere), the music teacher whom she works with at Jack Jr.'s school? Apparently, her marriage to wise-cracking, depression-prone Toby (Chris Sullivan) hit more than a few wrong notes after that long-distance experiment. And clearly the show aims to cue up plenty of drama in the family drama's sixth and final season, which kicks off Jan. 4 at 9 p.m. on NBC.