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Chris Cain On the Joy He Gets From Playing Blues Over Three Decades

Longtime Blues artist talks about his new album Raisin’ Cain and how he came into the blues while growing up in San Jose. Chris Cain has been giving fans rich, soulful blues music for more than three decades. The Blues guitarist performs around the word, but he discovered his passion for blues in his hometown of San Jose. The same day his father taught him how to tie his shoes, he also gave Chris his first guitar lesson. Cain went on to study jazz at San Jose City College. Now, he's releasing his 15th album, "Raisin’ Cain" from Alligator Records, which comes out tomorrow.
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LISTEN: Chris Cain, “Can’t Find a Good Reason”

In Their Words: “We recorded the Raisin’ Cain album at Kid Andersen’s Greaseland studio and I just had the changes to this song. Before we left Greaseland I said, ‘We’ll just record this one real fast and we’ll see what I can do with it later.’ Greg Rahn (keys) said, ‘Does this have a bridge?’ It didn’t, yet, so I just made one up real quick. We recorded the music to it and I added the intro to it that it has on there. When I got home I wrote the lyric based on personal stuff that you just store up in your mind and recorded the vocals the next day at Greaseland. Kid and I were in there and I added the vocals with the lyric I just wrote. I get to the part that goes ‘It really is nobody’s fault, we both tried hard to make it, but as hard as we try, we end up having to fake it.’ There’s a big blank spot right there and I told Kid, ‘Wait, I gotta write more words to it.’ Kid said, ‘Why don’t you just put whoa whoa whoa whoa, right there.’ I did and that’s how it turned out. I really wasn’t just trying to fake it.” — Chris Cain.
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The Chris Cain Quartet celebrates a virtual album release

The Center for the Arts is serving up a soulful stew of Memphis-style electric blues with the Chris Cain Quartet. On Friday, April 9, Chris Cain, Greg Rahn, Steve Evans and Sky Garcia will celebrate the release of Cain’s latest album, Raisin’ Cain live From The Center. Powerfully deep vocals...

Chris Cain To Release Alligator Debut RAISIN' CAIN On April 9

World-renowned blues guitarist, vocalist and songwriter Chris Cain will release his Alligator Records debut album, Raisin' Cain, on Friday, April 9, 2021. The album features 12 originals, each showcasing Cain's fiery musicianship and deft, memorable songwriting skills. According to Cain, who recently received two Blues Music Award nominations (for Contemporary Blues Male Artist Of The Year and Best Guitarist), "These are the best pack of tunes I've ever written."