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Chris Ballard reveals how Alec Pierce won over the Colts

Chris Ballard details the story of how the Indianapolis Colts decided that Alec Pierce would be the team’s first-overall draft pick. In the 2022 NFL Draft, the Indianapolis Colts had a weekend that they could best describe as hitting the lottery. They were able to get several players that they had high on their Draft board.
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Film session with Chris Ballard offers insight into Colts’ top draft picks

INDIANAPOLIS – Occasionally, the normal analytics, measurables and psychological cues aren’t sufficient and don’t offer a true evaluation of an on-the-radar draft prospect. Sometimes, it’s a more simplistic reaction to what the eyes are seeing. Let’s call it a “Holy crap!” moment. Chris Ballard experienced a few of those as he and his personnel staff […]

Ranking the 7 best trades made by Colts GM Chris Ballard

The Indianapolis Colts have not shied away from making trades to improve the team during the Chris Ballard era. During his stint in Indianapolis, the Colts have made a total of 16 trades with 10 different teams. Most notably, the Colts have traded with the New York Jets, New England Patriots, and the Philadelphia Eagles the most.

Chris Ballard never hid the Colts draft strategy

Leading up to the NFL Draft, Chris Ballard and the Indianapolis Colts made it clear the type of players they’d select and what strategy they’d follow. Teams typically like to keep their cards close to their chest leading up to the NFL Draft. They never want to tip their pick or give other teams any idea what direction they will go.
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Chris Ballard suggests Colts might've cut or traded Carson Wentz even if they made the playoffs in 2021

The Colts wasted no time washing their hands of the 2021 Carson Wentz trade, dealing the quarterback to the Commanders this offseason, just one year after acquiring the former Eagles standout in a swap of draft picks. All indications are that Wentz's abrupt fall out of favor in Indianapolis stemmed from the Colts' poor regular-season finish, when the team failed to clinch a playoff berth despite back-to-back chances to close the year. Even if Indy had made the postseason, however, general manager Chris Ballard believes Wentz may very well have been traded or released anyway.
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‘Gone in 60 Seconds’: Colts GM Chris Ballard details how he narrowly landed trade for safety Nick Cross

According to Indianapolis Colts general manager Chris Ballard on ‘The Colin Cowherd Podcast’, his team narrowly pulled of a draft weekend trade (hopefully, considered one day a heist) for coveted Maryland safety Nick Cross (Pick #96 by the Colts, after a trade up)—who was almost ‘gone in sixty seconds’, if not for some last minute heroics:
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Colts' Chris Ballard 'Went into a Dark Place' After Season-Ending Loss to Jaguars

It was all right there for the 2021 Indianapolis Colts. After starting the season 0-3 and 3-5, they battled back into playoff position at 9-7 through the first 16 games. Even with a Week 17 loss to the Las Vegas Raiders, all they needed to do was defeat the lowly Jacksonville Jaguars that have now picked No. 1 overall in each of the last two NFL drafts to clinch a spot in the postseason.
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My Colts’ Draft Opinion: Why this is my favourite Chris Ballard draft

First of all, a disclaimer: I truly believe that judging a draft class less than 3 seasons before it happened is stupid, as the ever-changing and unpredictable nature of the NFL means that what seemed like good picks at the time can bust really quickly, and what seemed like a terrible pick can work out tremendously. Look no further than the famous 2018 haul for the Colts, while I loved the Nelson pick, I thought Leonard was a terrible pick at that point, I thought Braden Smith was a mediocre pick, and I believed Nyheim Hines would be out of the roster by the start of the regular season. My favourite pick in that draft was Deon Cain, really... that was when I understood that you should always wait at least 3 seasons before passing judgement on a draft class, but taking that into account, we can still discuss our thoughts and opinions on the players taken by the Colts, realizing that nothing is certain and everything can change in a matter of weeks.

Colts’ Chris Ballard: added explosive ability on offense

INDIANAPOLIS – A repetitive recap of the Indianapolis Colts’ day 2 work in the NFL Draft: Offense, offense, offense. Chris Ballard and his personnel staff added a 3rd-round pick in a trade with Denver to ensure landing Maryland safety Nick Collins, but that defensive twist was preceded by selections at three critical offensive positions. *Wideout: […]