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Chris Avellone files lawsuit over sexual misconduct allegations

Games writer Chris Avellone has taken legal action over several accusations of sexual misconduct. The allegations were made against Avellone in June 2020, with two women sharing their accounts via Twitter. Shortly after the allegations arose, several developers cut ties with Avellone, notably Dying Light developer Techland. The personal injury...
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Chris Avellone files libel suit over last year's sexual misconduct allegations

Just over a year after multiple women accused him of sexual misconduct, game writer Chris Avellone has published a blog post in which he denies the claims which led to multiple studios cutting ties with him. He has also filed a lawsuit against two accusers, plus as many as 100 unnamed people who he claims are "responsible in some manner" for defamation.

Chris Avellone Responds to Harassment Allegations

Chris Avellone has decided to break the silence and respond to last year's harassment and sexual assault allegations. The developer has gathered evidence that he has decided to use to initiate a lawsuit to clear his name. Chris Avellone, the legendary screenwriter, known from such games as Planescape: Torment, Neverwinter...
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Former Dying Light 2 Writer Chris Avellone Addresses Sexual Misconduct Allegations, Sues For Libel

In 2020, Chris Avellone, a notable writer within the gaming space, was removed from Dying Light 2 when sexual misconduct allegations became public from a few different sources. After addressing the allegations soon after they came out, Avellone went publicly silent regarding the accusations until recently. In a new statement, Avellone addressed the claims against him and bared that he is seeking legal retribution against those that accused him of libel and loss of work.

Chris Avellone Issues Libel Lawsuit Against Sexual Assault Accusers

Games designer and writer Chris Avellone has issued a libel lawsuit against two women for accusations of sexual assault, and 100 others for spreading those claims. In 2020 cosplayers Karissa Barrows and Kelly Bristol (a game developer) accused Avellone of sexual assault. Barrows had accused Avellone of getting her “blackout drunk” [1, 2] at Dragon Con 2012, was taken back to her room, and “pounced on her” in front of other men. One of these men allegedly told Barrows what had occurred the next morning.

Video Game Writer Chris Avellone Breaks Silence, Files Libel Suit Against Accusers

Game writer Chris Avellone has broken his silence a year after sexual misconduct allegations were leveled against him on Twitter. The allegations, while never proved or even investigated in any serious way, nevertheless effectively derailed his decades-long career in the video game industry. Now, Avellone is not only breaking his silence, but has filed a libel suit against two of his accusers.