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7 Questions For ‘Unstoppable’ Author And Singer Chiquis Rivera

Janny Marín—better known as Chiquis Rivera—seemed to have it all. The New York Times bestselling author and Latin Grammy award-winning singer-songwriter grew up in the public eye as the daughter of reality television star Jenni Rivera. But behind the scenes, things weren’t so perfect. A legendary Regional...
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‘Nothing Is Going to Stop Me’: Chiquis Rivera on Her Unflinchingly Honest New Book

Ten years ago, the Mexican superstar Jenni Rivera died after a plane she was on crashed south of Monterrey, just moments after taking off. Fans lost a legend who’d blazed trails in regional genres like banda, norteño, and ranchera — and Chiquis Rivera lost her mother. The eldest of Rivera’s five children, Chiquis went into caregiver mode, looking after her siblings while managing her own grief. Eventually, she poured all her emotions into her 2015 book Forgiveness, where she chronicled her complex relationship with her mother, the painful falling out they’d had just before her death, and the trauma she...
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How Chiquis Rivera chose her Halloween costume for 2021

Popular singer Chiquis Rivera has left everyone speechless with her 2021 Halloween costume. Fans are now curious as to what inspired Chiquis to make the shocking choice to shed her clothes for Halloween. Chiquis is the daughter of the late Jenni Rivera and has made a name for herself in...

Who is Chiquis Rivera dating in 2021? Meet Emilio Sanchez

Since March, there have been rumours that singer Chiquis Rivera and photographer to the stars Emilio Sánchez are an item. The two have been saying nice things about each other publicly, sharing kisses that aren’t the kind of kisses you share with just friends, and travelling together. Read on to find more about who Chquis is dating in 2021.