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Chip Foose Slams Ford Maverick, Gives Truck Street Rod Makeover

The Ford Maverick is the Blue Oval’s newest pickup, with sales now well underway. The truck’s future is still cloudy, though spy shots show Ford is preparing a more rugged Rattler trim for the truck that’s expected in 2022. The new truck is poised to attract aftermarket tuners and upfitters eager to exploit the bite-sized styling, and famed designed Chip Foose has created one possibility – a slammed, street rod-inspired Maverick.
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2022 Ford Maverick Shelby Comes To Life, Thanks To Chip Foose: Video

TV star, automotive designer, artist, and Boyd Coddington disciple Chip Foose has been a staple in the custom car scene for years now, and he’s obviously not afraid to shake things up and create some controversial rides in addition to his many stunning hot rods. Most recently, that includes transforming a 1966 Ford Bronco into a modern-day street rod, as well as lending the exact same treatment to a 2021 Ford Bronco earlier this year. Now, Foose is back with yet another cool imaginary sketch depicting what a theoretical 2022 Ford Maverick Shelby might look like.

Chip Foose Draws 2021 Ford Bronco Street Rod For Fun: Video

Last spring, automotive designer and TV star Chip Foose sat down to sketch a modern hot rod version of a 1966 Ford Bronco, and the results were, well, interesting, to say the least. Now, the Overhaulin’ star is at it again, but this time he has created a 2021 Ford Bronco street rod. The first question anyone will pose is why, but of course, this is just a fun exercise – there’s no real 2021 Ford Bronco getting chopped up here.