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Tony and Cherie Blair come under pressure over furlough payments

Tony and Cherie Blair are coming under pressure over furlough payments totalling £76,000 that they claimed on behalf of employees during Covid lockdowns over the past two years.There is no suggestion that the couple broke any rules, but some MPs have said they should consider returning the money – something a number of companies have done after finding that they were able to cover the cost of supporting staff from their own resources.Under the Coronavirus Job Retention Scheme, set up by chancellor Rishi Sunak in March 2020, employers were able to claim payments to cover up to 80 per cent...
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US Government blacklists Israeli spyware firm advised by Cherie Blair

An Israeli spyware company advised by Cherie Blair has been blacklisted by the US Government following claims that foreign administrations have used its technology to snoop on activists and dissidents. The US Commerce Department added NSO Group, whose technology is notorious for burrowing into smartphones without users’ knowledge, to an...

Princess Haya, Cherie Blair And Phone Hacking: The Wild Story Of How The High Court Proved Dubai's Leader Was Surveilling His Ex-Wife

In the summer of 2019, the ruler of Dubai Sheikh Mohammed Al Maktoum became engaged in a high-profile legal battle with his now ex-wife, Princess Haya. Harrowing details of their marriage quickly spread, reading more like the plot of a Jilly Cooper novel than real life. But in fact, the findings were the bleak reality of Princess Haya's life in Dubai - and it appears to have followed her to London ever since.

Cherie Blair and the Dubai ruler who spied on his ex-wife’s phone with Pegasus spyware

It’s a pretty juicy story. The UK High Court has determined that the ruler of Dubai, Sheikh Mohammed Al Maktoum, had his ex-wife’s smartphone hacked with the notorious Pegasus spyware, sold by the equally notorious NSO Group. Furthermore, during court proceedings between Princess Haya of Jordan and Sheikh Mohammed over...

Pandora Papers: Tony and Cherie Blair avoided paying £312,000 in tax on London property by acquiring offshore firm

Tony and Cherie Blair avoided paying £312,000 in tax on the purchase of a London property by acquiring an offshore company, according to a trove of leaked documents. The former British prime minister and his wife bought the £6.45m townhouse on Harcourt Street, Marylebone, in 2017 as an office for her legal advisory firm Omnia and her foundation for women. The manner of the deal allowed the Blairs to avoid having to pay stamp duty, as the tax is not paid when the holding company of a property is acquired rather than the building directly. There is no suggestion the...
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Cherie Blair backs campaign for Garrick club to admit women

Cherie Blair has joined a campaign to force the men-only Garrick club to admit women, as a growing number of female lawyers protest against the unfairness of rules that exclude them from a networking institution used by senior judges and politicians. Signing a petition calling on the club to change...

Cherie Blair calls for end to Garrick Club’s ‘outrageous’ ban on women

Tony Blair left his wife Cherie standing outside the Garrick Club while he had dinner with their supervisor in the 1970s, she revealed as she signed a petition for women to be admitted to the men's only club. Mrs Blair recalled how she had been left alone outside while Mr...

Garrick Club: Cherie Blair lends voice to campaign to admit women members

On its 190th anniversary, Cherie Blair, the wife of the former PM, has joined the fight to persuade the all-male Garrick Club to admit women members for the first time in its history. She’s not the first vocal advocate – she joins the likes of Emily Bendell, 40, the lingerie tycoon, who started a petition in September last year after her application was rejected.