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Happy Birthday, Charlotte Gainsbourg! A Birkin-Gainsbourg Family Album

The daughter of Serge Gainsbourg and Jane Birkin, Charlotte Gainsbourg was born something of an icon, growing into an accomplished singer, actress, and filmmaker in her own right. (And that’s to say nothing of her status as the consummate Saint Laurent muse, carrying off Anthony Vaccarello’s sharp tailoring and abbreviated hemlines like pajamas.)
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Cannes: Saban Takes Charlotte Gainsbourg, Hugh Bonneville WWII Spy Thriller ‘Lives in Secret’ (Exclusive)

Saban Films is in final negotiations to acquire North America and multi-territory rights — including for the U.K., German-speaking Europe, Scandinavia, Spain, Benelux and Australia — to real-life WWII spy thriller Lives in Secret, starring Hugh Bonneville and Charlotte Gainsbourg. From director John Hay, the film sees Gainsbourg play intelligence officer Vera Atkins, who became the inspiration for Ian Fleming’s Miss Moneypenny and made it her mission to discover the fate of missing agents she had dispatched to occupied France. Bonneville will play a high-ranking SS officer. Principal photography is set to begin in the fourth quarter in Eastern Europe, with...

Charlotte Gainsbourg Takes a Closer Look at Her Relationship With Her Mother Jane Birkin in New Film

Click here to read the full article. Charlotte Gainsbourg has been on a lengthy press tour for her directorial debut “Jane by Charlotte,” ever since the film arrived at Cannes last year up until now as it makes its way to digital platforms. Yet she still finds it strange to discuss it. For starters, it’s far from the one she intended to make — and the international attention was never something she pictured. “Jane by Charlotte” started as a quest to document her mother Jane Birkin’s life and history, and over the course of five years turned into a very personal...

Juliette Binoche, Charlotte Gainsbourg Among More Than 400 French Artists to Sign Plea Urging Voters to Support President Emmanuel Macron

Click here to read the full article. More than 400 French artists and entertainment figures, including Juliette Binoche and Charlotte Gainsbourg, have signed an emotionally charged op-ed published in Le Monde newspaper on April 15 to urge people to vote for incumbent President Emmanuel Macron during the election runoff on April 24. The letter is aimed at those who may not support Macron’s politics, probably didn’t vote for him during the first round of the election and are now inclined to abstain from going to the polls next Sunday. Actors, filmmakers, musicians, artists and producers who signed the plea argue that...

‘Jane by Charlotte’: How Charlotte Gainsbourg Convinced Her Mother to Star in Her Personal New Doc

Click here to read the full article. Actress Charlotte Gainsbourg’s directing debut is an intimate pas de deux between a daughter and her mother, Jane Birkin. But the movie does not take audiences back through a famous family’s history, as documentarian Rory Kennedy did with her mother “Ethel,” the widow of Bobby Kennedy. No, “Jane by Charlotte,” which debuted at Cannes 2021, is more home-movie tribute than a full-blown portrait of the British-French actress-chanteuse. In her day, Birkin was a gorgeous British gamine who married composer John Barry, an unhappy liaison that produced Charlotte’s older half-sister Kate Barry, followed by a...

In Her Directorial Debut, Charlotte Gainsbourg Looks to Her Mother

If—as the director Ingmar Bergman once claimed—the most important image in the history of cinema is that of the human face, then the visage of Jane Birkin inspired a new zeitgeist of onscreen beauty. The British actor’s appearance in Jacques Deray’s 1969 film La Piscine was a cinematic coup de foudre. Birkin’s svelte cheekbones, expressive, almond-shaped eyes and slightly imperfect, gapped-tooth pout were neither the Platonic ideal of Greta Garbo nor the lyrical charm of Audrey Hepburn. Rather her face was a Baroque cathedral of angles and folds, angels and cherubs, that captured at once the sublime eroticism and starry-eyed naivete of the counterculture’s new religion of desire.

‘It’s a Declaration of Love,’ Says Charlotte Gainsbourg About Her Film Dedicated to Mom Jane Birkin

Click here to read the full article. Despite forging her own way as a successful actor and singer, acclaimed for her collaborations with Lars von Trier, Charlotte Gainsbourg has been compared to her father Serge and mom Jane Birkin all her life, she says. In directorial debut “Jane by Charlotte,” she comes back to the subject on her own terms. Shown at the Thessaloniki Documentary Film Festival this week following its Cannes premiere, the film is sold internationally by The Party Film Sales.   “I lived in New York for a bit and it was a real breather, to be in a...