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Will DCPA Be a "National Leader" in Immersive Theater? Organization Promotes Charlie Miller, Expands Off-Center

The Denver Center for the Performing Arts is about to immerse itself in immersive arts. When the DCPA started presenting shows more than four decades ago, it prided itself on grand traditional productions, with occasional forays into more experimental projects. But since Off-Center was established a dozen years ago, that emphasis has been changing. And now with the promotion of Off-Center co-founder Charlie Miller to curator/executive director, as well as a member of the DCPA executive team, this city could put on a real show.
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Legendary hackers Charlie Miller and Chris Valasek talk cybersecurity and autonomous vehicles at TC Sessions: Mobility 2022

The warning might have been a wake-up call to the industry, but it didn’t slow the rise of the connected car. Today, the “connected car” is commonplace and delivers a long list of services to the driver and passengers, from internet connectivity and vehicle monitoring to safety warnings and the ability to buy goods and services while on the go. And it has crept beyond the passenger vehicle into the emerging autonomous vehicle industry, too.

Tatler's Jewellery Editor, Charlie Miller, chooses 31 glorious garnets for those with a January birthday

The name 'garnet' is derived from the Latin word 'garanatus', meaning seed-like, as they were thought to reflect the vibrant seeds of the pomegranate. However, beyond the well-known deep reds, garnets actually come in an extensive palette; cinnamon, tangerine, orange, deep brown, pale yellows, purple, grass greens and soft lavender-pink.
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One Tough Texan: Charlie Miller

Charlie Miller served as a Texas Ranger, a Federal Prohibition agent, and a range detective. He was so dedicated he forged his birth certificate so he wouldn't have to retire. While working on the upcoming 2021 edition of the Complete Book of the Model 1911 special publication, I was reminded of a tough and fearsome Texas lawman by the name of Charlie Miller. Miller enforced the law for close to 50 years.

Zachary Quinto Brings 'Levity' Amid the Pandemic With Audible Original Series 'Sorry Charlie Miller' (Exclusive)

Zachary Quinto might be best known for his more serious roles in Heroes, the Star Trek franchise, or Netflix’s recent adaptation of the award-winning Boys in the Band, but the Pittsburgh native is taking a welcome turn with his latest project in the Audible Original podcast series, Sorry Charlie Miller. Recorded during the height of the pandemic last year, the comedy-crime series of twists and turns from At Will Media follows the disappearance of a D-list reality TV star (Ashley Benson) with an overzealous fanbase and the police department employee turned “detective” who sets out to find her with his vast knowledge of celebrity gossip.
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‘Sorry, Charlie Miller:’ Zachary Quinto, Ashley Benson get ‘outrageous’ and ‘meta’ for Audible

Trekking into a podcast as a cop tracking a tacky reality TV host may seem like an odd move for the man who stars as Spock, but Zachary Quinto says it’s totally logical. Trading in his Vulcan ears and stoic countenance for a role in “Sorry, Charlie Miller” was perfect for Quinto, because it’s “just absurd and funny and kind of a real departure from other stuff I’ve been doing,” he told the Daily News on Tuesday over Zoom.

MC4D And Charlie Miller Drop Electrifying New Track ‘Will You Love Me’

Identical twin brother production duo, MC4D, and emerging singer-songwriter Charlie Miller just dropped their first single of the new year titled ‘Will You Love Me’. The catchy and upbeat track describes the difficulties of a new relationship and remaining on the same page with the other person. Regarding the inspiration...
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William (Bill) Charlie Miller, Jr.

TATUM — William (Bill) Charlie Miller, Jr., family man, veteran, and lifelong Texas resident, passed away on February 19, 2021, from complications due to Covid-19 in Longview Regional Medical Hospital. At his bedside were his wife of 47 years, Sandy Miller (Vaughn), and his two children, Angie and Trey Miller.