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Damage Control: Litecoin Creator Charlie Lee On Fake Walmart News, “We Really Screwed Up”

Litecoin has recently been in the middle of recent controversy. News broke out on Monday that retail giant Walmart had partnered with Litecoin to start accepting payments in the cryptocurrency. The official-looking press release from both GlobeNewswire and Reuters was shared by major media outlets. And more importantly, was shared by the official Twitter account for Litecoin.
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Charlie Lee (Curly) McKnight, Jr.

Charlie Lee (Curly) McKnight Jr. was born on August 8, 1959, to the late Vera Cathalene McKnight and Charlie Lee McKnight, Sr. in Covington. Charlie enjoyed Landscaping and helping people when he could. He also loved spending time with family and friends. He departed this earthly life on June 21,...
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Two Game Changers Coming to Litecoin, Says Creator Charlie Lee

Litecoin founder Charlie Lee is detailing two key upgrades coming soon to the 13th largest cryptocurrency. In an interview with crypto analyst Scott Melker, Lee highlights why Litecoin’s upcoming update, which will add more fungibility and privacy to the digital token, is crucial to sound money principles. “Fungibility is...

Charlie Lee Walling

Memorial service will be held Saturday, June 19, 2021, at Watson & Sons Funeral Home in Center with Bro. Mike Oliver officiating. Born February 29, 1948, in Crockett, Charlie is the son of Edwin Walling and Betty Joe Frizzell. He served in the United States Marine Corps and later worked as a carpenter.

CNBC Gives Charlie Lee The Platform On The Benefits Of Litecoin Over Bitcoin

Litecoin founder Charlie Lee spoke on CNBC, explaining the differences between Litecoin and Bitcoin. He reiterated past comments on it being cheaper and faster. But, what’s interesting is that CNBC rarely gives much coverage to LTC, yet Lee had the opportunity to promote his project to a mainstream audience. Litecoin...

Litecoin Creator Charlie Lee Joins BTCS As New Independent Director

Former Coinbase Director of Engineering joins as Company's third independent director. Silver Spring, MD, April 05, 2021 (GLOBE NEWSWIRE) -- BTCS Inc. (OTCQB: BTCS) ("BTCS" or the "Company"), a digital asset and blockchain technology focused company, today announced the appointment of Litecoin creator Charlie Lee to its Board of Directors as its newest independent member.

Who Is Charlie Lee, Litecoin Founder?

For many digital currency enthusiasts, bitcoin and ethereum occupy central spaces as focal points. Beyond this, amateur investors may be aware of other cryptocurrencies like ripple or EOS, and they may also be familiar with gimmick tokens like dogecoin. Some of the other major digital currencies are often neglected, however; litecoin tends to be one of these cryptocurrencies which is all too frequently overlooked.

Litecoin Creator Charlie Lee Explains Why Most NFTs Are Not Valuable As People Think

Last Thursday (March 4), Litecoin creator Charlie Lee explained why most popular non-fungible tokens (NFTs) currently for sale are not as valuable as some people assume. NFT marketplace OpenSea’s NFT Bible says NTFs are “unique, digital items with blockchain-managed ownership” and says that “examples include collectibles, game items, digital art, event tickets, domain names, and even ownership records for physical assets.”

Litecoin creator Charlie Lee says NFTs are like ICOs in 2017

The founder of the ‘digital silver’ drew parallels of the booming NFTs market to the infamous ICO market of late-2017. Litecoin founder Charlie Lee is no big fan of non-fungible tokens (NFTs), the booming crypto subsector which saw muted growth in the previous but exploded to its current $3.44 billion valuation in the past months.

Why Litecoin’s Charlie Lee Hates to Be Compared to Elon Musk

Litecoin is seeing highs it's not experienced since its founder Charlie Lee cashed out in 2017. Lee said people still don't understand his motivation, which was focusing on increased adoption as opposed to the price of LTC. He outlined plans for Litecoin's new privacy upgrade, and his views on crypto...

Here’s why Litecoin creator Charlie Lee is not sold on NFTs

The NFT hype has taken over the crypto space in the past few weeks. But not all veterans are convinced. You’re not alone if you’re skeptical about non-fungible tokens (NFTs), the shiny new crypto hype that is either overvalued or the next market frontier depending on whom you ask. Litecoin...

Litecoin's Charlie Lee: Tesla's Bitcoin Buy a ‘Turning Point’

Tesla bought $1.5 billion in Bitcoin in January. It will also accept BTC for products and may not cash it out. Litecoin founder Charlie Lee believes that may help the US break out of a fiat-based system. Litecoin creator Charlie Lee believes that crypto watchers should gear up for more...