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The Lawfare Podcast: Dr. Charles Lieber and the China Initiative

On December 21, Harvard University chemist Dr. Charles Lieber was convicted of making false statements and other tax offenses in connection with his participation in the Chinese Thousand Talents program. Lieber’s case got a lot of attention, both because of his profile as a well known researcher at Harvard University, and because of the case’s connection with the U.S. government's occasionally controversial three-year-old program called the China Initiative. The program was unveiled in 2018 by then-Attorney General Jeff Sessions, and has been used by the Justice Department to investigate and charge a variety of wrongdoings connected with the Chinese government, economic espionage, research security, and other issues.

Daily briefing: Chemist Charles Lieber convicted of hiding his ties to China

Renowned scientist convicted as part of the US crackdown on researchers with connections to China. Plus, safety fears following fatal explosions in laboratories, and farewell to three scientific giants: Richard Leakey, E. O. Wilson and Thomas Lovejoy. Flora Graham. You have full access to this article via your institution. Hello...
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Ex-Harvard professor Charles Lieber convicted of lying about China ties

A former Harvard University chemistry professor was found guilty Tuesday of lying about his ties to China and not reporting income paid to him by a Chinese-run recruitment program. Charles Lieber, 62, the former chairman of the Ivy League school’s Chemistry and Chemical Biology Department, was convicted in Boston federal...

Charles Lieber: Harvard professor found guilty of hiding ties to China

A federal jury in Boston has found 62-year-old Harvard professor Charles Lieber guilty of making false statements to authorities and hiding his ties to China.On Tuesday, the prosecutors said that the renowned nanoscientist and former chairman of Harvard’s chemistry department, in his quest for a Nobel Prize in 2011, agreed to become a “strategic scientist” at the Wuhan University of Technology in China.The prosecution added that he participated in a Chinese recruitment drive called the Thousand Talents Program, and that China uses this programme to recruit foreign researchers so that they share their knowledge with them. They clarified that even...

Harvard chemist Charles Lieber found guilty of all charges related to Chinese research funding

The former chair of Harvard University’s chemistry department has been convicted of all six felony charges he faced related to his receipt of millions of dollars in research funding from China, and now faces up to 26 years in prison and up to $1.2 million (£900,000) in fines. Charles Lieber, who is currently battling late-stage lymphoma, was found guilty on 21 December of two counts of making false statements to federal authorities, two counts of filing a false income tax return, and two counts of failing to file reports of foreign bank and financial accounts with the Internal Revenue Service (IRS). The 62-year-old will be sentenced at a later hearing.

Harvard Professor Charles Lieber, Charged With Hiding Ties To China, Found Guilty On All Counts

BOSTON (CBS/AP) – The Harvard University professor charged with hiding his ties to a Chinese-run recruitment program was found guilty of all counts on Tuesday. Dr. Charles Lieber, the former chair of Harvard’s Department of Chemistry and Chemical Biologypleaded not guilty to two counts of making false statements to authorities and four tax offenses. Prosecutors said that Lieber knowingly hid his involvement in China’s Thousand Talents Plan, a program designed to recruit people with knowledge of foreign technology and intellectual property to China, to protect his career and reputation. They said Lieber denied his involvement during inquiries from U.S. authorities, including the National...