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It’s hard to be a polymath like Charles Darwin in the narrow age of the algorithm

It is not enough that Charles Darwin was one of the great minds of his age – of any age. Not enough that he was a naturalist, a geologist, a tireless walker, a brave adventurer and the originator of the theory of natural selection. Now we discover that he was one of the “best book returners” in the history of the London Library. Which puts those of us with just one lousy science GCSE and a pile of unreturned London Library books (11, all overdue) to shame. “Neither a borrower nor a lender be,” my grandfather used to intone. The number of his books on my shelves testify to his leniency and my laxity. I bet Darwin never had to be dunned for his loans.
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The three loud mockingbirds of Charles Darwin

Sunday morning. Trying to sleep in. No chance. Not one, not two, but three mockingbirds flit around and land in the tree right outside, going “Chuck! Chuck! Chuck!” Aggressively, non-stop. “They’re mockingbirds alright,” says Jen Hajj later. She’s San Diego Audubon’s Events Membership Coordinator. “But they’re just saying ‘This is...
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Portrait-to-animation AI brings to life Marie Curie, Charles Darwin, and more

Going from pictures to moving pictures was a huge leap in technology and value. We can now archive human culture in a far richer format than simple text or static photos. Now, it is even possible to fill in the blanks from the past. Using AI, researchers have transformed photos of famous people into hyper-realistic animations that shine new light upon historical figures.

Horrible Histories - HH Quick Quiz: Charles Darwin

Charles Darwin helped form the scientific theory of Natural Selection but how much do you know about his travels across the world? Watch the song above and then see how much you can remember by answering these eight questions. Good luck!. Check out more awesome Horrible Histories songs!. To use...
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Virtual Charles Darwin festival gets under way

A festival celebrating Charles Darwin, Shrewsbury's most famous son, is now up and running. The DarwIN Shrewsbury Festival is on until February 17, with a range of online events celebrating the evolutionary theorist. Emma Molyneux, of Shrewsbury BID, which is coordinating the event, said: “People have welcomed our efforts to...

New Study Solves Mystery of Flowers That Baffled Charles Darwin

Most flowering plants depend on pollinators such as bees to transfer pollen from the male anthers of one flower to the female stigma of another flower, enabling fertilization and the production of fruits and seeds. Bee pollination, however, involves an inherent conflict of interest, because bees are only interested in pollen as a food source.

Mr. Marketing: Charles Darwin got it right

A new year means fresh opportunities. Having reset the bottom line, this is the perfect time to restructure objectives, budgets and strategies. COVID-induced challenges have forced thousands of businesses to struggle for survival. Obviously, doing things the same old way won’t work moving forward. I’m reminded of a former client...

Charming property with links to Charles Darwin for sale in Oxfordshire

This charming semi-detached property in Oxfordshire, which was once home to the great grand daughter of naturalist Charles Darwin, is on the market for £3.6 million. Dating back to 1912, the home is a truly unique space offering light, well-proportioned accommodation over three floors. If you're looking for a property with a rich history and contemporary interiors, then this is just the home for you.