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LISTEN: Big Wreck Enlists Chad Kroeger For 'Middle Of Nowhere'

Two big names in Canadian rock – Big Wreck and Nickelback’s Chad Kroeger – have joined forces for the new single “Middle of Nowhere.”. The longtime friends also co-produced the track, which came together last fall when Big Wreck’s Ian Thornley and Dave McMillan spent a week at Kroeger’s B.C. home.
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Tito Ortiz Trolled By Scooter Enthusiasts and 'What Up Council' Guys, Chad Kroeger and JT

Former UFC light heavyweight champion Tito Ortiz got into politics last year when he was elected to the city council of his hometown. It has been an eventful first few months in office for the Huntington Beach Bad Boy. Ortiz, a strident Donald Trump supporter who tried to have the entire state of California recounted, has refused to wear a mask, protested curfews, and even become Mayor Pro Tem. Earlier this week during a city Zoom call, Ortiz was the subject of a prank from Chad Kroeger. It was extremely funny.

Nickelback’s Chad Kroeger Is in on the Joke in New ‘Photgraph’ Ad

Nickelback’s 2005 “Photograph” video, which spawned endless memes, has been turned into a Google Photos ad. But this time around, singer Chad Kroeger is in on the joke, looking back at questionable phone photos with self-deprecating musical commentary. Kroger sings new lyrics to the 2005 hit while scrolling through his...

Nickelback’s Chad Kroeger Regrets His Old Ramen Hair In A Hilarious ‘Photograph’ Parody For Google

It has become a cliché to hate and insult Nickelback (a point I explored a few years ago and still stand by), a high-achieving band that plays a style of music that is no longer conducive to the chart-topping success they once enjoyed. Nickelback parodies haven’t been funny for a long time now, but they take on a different tone when it’s Nickelback themselves doing the parodying, which is exactly what happens in a great new ad from Google.