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Bodybuilding legend Jay Cutler Remembers Late Cedric McMillan: “He Was A Big Figurehead In Our Industry”

Bodybuilding legend Jay Cutler remembered late Cedric McMillan in the recent episode of his Cutler Cast podcast. Cutler is a 4-time Mr. Olympia winner and he was one half of arguably the greatest competitive rivalry in the Open Pro division. Cutler’s win as Mr. Olympia in 2006 ended Ronnie Coleman’s eight-year reign. During the April 22nd episode of the Cutler Cast podcast, Jay Cutler shared his thoughts on the late Cedric McMillan and spoke candidly about a wide variety of topics from PED use to the correct age to retire from competitive bodybuilding.

Bodybuilder Joe Mackey Dedicates His Gigantic 900 Lbs Raw Deadlift PR To The Late Cedric McMillan

IFBB Pro Bodybuilder Joe Mackey has been chasing an enormous deadlift milestone for a long time now, and he shared each step of his journey with the fans. It’s not every day that we get to see bodybuilders achieve such an impressive feat of strength, but Mackey makes his lifts look as easy as powerlifters and strongmen do. Earlier this year, Joe made himself two goals. One was to pull 900 lbs (408 kg), and the other one was to win a Pro Bodybuilding show. And on April 16th, Joe Mackey shared a video of him deadlifting a massive 900 lbs (408 kg) on his Instagram. To make it even more special, Joe dedicated the lift to the late Cedric McMillan, a bodybuilding legend who passed away recently.

A Requiem For ‘The One’ and Only Cedric McMillan

I did not know Cedric McMillan personally. I did meet him once or twice though, and what I could see is what everyone could see, that he was a great bodybuilder. But, clearly in the aftermath of his passing, in light of the public outpouring of emotion from those who did know him, it was obvious there was more to him than that. Much more.

Cedric McMillan, star bodybuilder, dead at 44

(CNN) — Bodybuilder Cedric McMillan has died at the age of 44, his sponsor confirmed Tuesday. "We regret to inform you that our friend and brother @cedricmcmillan passed away today. Cedric will be greatly missed as an athlete, comrade, friend, and father," Black Skull USA, a supplements company, wrote in a post on Instagram. The company didn't provide further details around McMillan's death.
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Bodybuilding star Cedric McMillan dies at 44

Champion bodybuilder Cedric McMillan died Tuesday, according to his sponsor. “We regret to inform you that our friend and brother @cedricmcmillan passed away today,” according to a Tuesday Instagram post from Black Skull USA. “Cedric will be greatly missed as an athlete, comrade, friend, and father. Our prayers are with all his family and friends. He 'fought the good fight' and now he rests.”

Bodybuilding champion Cedric McMillan dead at 44: reports

Cedric McMillan, a world-class bodybuilder and former U.S. Army instructor at Fort Jackson in South Carolina, died earlier this week, according to multiple reports. He was 44. Generation Iron and RXMuscle both reported McMillan’s death. According to Generation Iron, McMillan suffered a heart attack while he was working out on a treadmill.

Cedric McMillan: Bodybuilding community rocked by third death in six months

Bodybuilder Cedric McMillan has died just a year after taking time out because of a heart problem, according to his sponsor.The New Jersey native is the third bodybuilder known to have died in the US in the last six months, raising concerns about the safety of the sport.Announcing McMillan’s death on Tuesday, his longtime sponsor Black Skull USA posted an image of the New Jersey-born bodybuilder on Instagram with the words “RIP”.“We regret to inform you that our friend and brother Cedric McMillan passed away today,” the sponsor said in a caption of the 44-year-old and former Arnold Classic...