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CC Sabathia Named Spokesperson for Alcohol Dependence Awareness Campaign

Former MLB pitcher CC Sabathia has joined Alkermes as a spokesperson for its alcohol dependence awareness campaign called "My Relationship with Alcohol." Sabathia spoke to Bleacher Report about the campaign Wednesday, saying his own past issues with alcohol misuse made him want to help others. "I started drinking at 14...
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CC Sabathia discusses alcohol dependence awareness campaign, Yankees’ 2021 season

Yesterday, it was announced that CC Sabathia would be the spokesperson for the My Relationship with Alcohol campaign, which will aim to raise awareness about alcohol dependence. Sabathia himself suffered from the disease, and checked himself into rehab in late 2015. The former Yankees pitcher has been outspoken about his struggles and his road to recovery, and hopes that with the campaign, he can inspire others who dealt with the same affliction to seek help.
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CC Sabathia defends lightning rod Gary Sanchez on Instagram

There is no doubt that CC Sabathia is a Yankee for life. And even though he’s no longer part of the team, he’s still protecting his catcher. You don’t want to go after teammates of CC Sabathia. Ask the Tampa Bay Rays about how that turns out. But clearly, some New York Yankees fans didn’t get that message.
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Next “MLB Network Showcase: Clubhouse Edition” will be Angels-Giants, with CC Sabathia, Sean Casey, Chris Young and Stephen Nelson

Back in April, MLB Network debuted the MLB Network Showcase: Clubhouse Edition format for a New York Yankees-Cleveland Indians game, with a goal of being a broadcast to “share the organic conversations that take place among a group of former players as if they are watching a game from home.” That broadcast was hosted by MLBN’s Stephen Nelson and featured former players Carlos Pena, John Smoltz, and CC Sabathia, with it marking Sabathia’s first national broadcast since his retirement and with him described as a driving force behind it. Well, that approach is coming back next Tuesday for a Los Angeles Angels-San Francisco Giants broadcast, and so is Sabathia. Here’s more from a MLB Network release:
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CC Sabathia Is Now Playing Fast-Pitch Softball in Central Park

What are the odds that you’ll see a high-profile athlete playing sports in a public park somewhere in New York City? Not terribly high, to be honest. There’s Steve Nash’s annual street soccer tournament, which draws a mixture of soccer players and people known for their skill at other sports — but that only happens once a year. As it turns out, though, this year has made those odds a whole lot better.

CC Sabathia: Tony La Russa 'shouldn't be f---ing managing' the White Sox

The city of Chicago has become the new battlefield of Major League Baseball's culture war. Chicago White Sox manager Tony La Russa is in the center of that war thanks to his recent actions regarding one of the league's "unwritten rules." After Yermín Mercedes crushed a 3-0 pitch for a...
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CC Sabathia obliterates Tony La Russa: ‘Shouldn’t be f–king managing that team’

CC Sabathia didn’t sugarcoat his feelings on the Tony La Russa saga with the White Sox. The former Yankees southpaw went off on the “R2C2” podcast, ripping the 76-year-old La Russa for criticizing his own player, Yermin Mercedes, for swinging and homering on a 3-0 pitch against a position player in a blowout and then having no issue with the Twins throwing behind him the next day.
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CC Sabathia achieves ‘bucket-list’ item: Central Park softball

CC Sabathia is trying out a different diamond. The ex-Yankees hurler is now playing rec-league softball in Central Park, mashing towering home runs and taking photos with opponents. “This is something I’ve been talking about doing for years,” Sabathia told The New Yorker’s Curbed blog. “Playing softball in Central Park...
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CC Sabathia Blows Up Over Tony La Russa's Managing of White Sox

Tony La Russa has been in the crosshairs of just about the entire baseball community over the last few days. Actually, nobody thought hiring La Russa was a good idea back when the move was announced over the offseason, but the noise has gotten much louder. To briefly catch you...

CC Sabathia unloads on Tony La Russa for not defending his player

Tony La Russa has faced some criticism this week for not defending his own player amid an “unwritten rules” controversy, and no one is more angry over the Chicago White Sox manager’s handling of the situation than CC Sabathia. Sabathia, who hosts the “R2C2” podcast with Ryan Ruocco, absolutely shredded...
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CC Sabathia Eviscerates Tony La Russa in Profanity-Laced Rant: ‘He Shouldn’t Be F***ing Managing That Team’

The Chicago White Sox are atop the MLB standings with a 26-16 record, but that’s not why they’ve been making headlines over the past week. Manager Tony La Russa came under fire recently after condemning his own player for hitting a home run on a 3-0 count late in a blowout. It now seems as if La Russa is losing his own locker room, and former MLB pitcher CC Sabathia believes he should lose it for good.

CC Sabathia Ripped Tony La Russa For Being ‘Out Of Touch With The Game’

The talk of the baseball world for the past few days has been about Yermin Mercedes hitting an absolute moonshot off of Twins first baseman-turned-relief pitcher in blowouts Willians Astudillo on a 3-0 count. If you haven’t seen it, please enjoy, because it is hysterical. I don’t think people who...