Cathy Lewis

Cathy Lewis

SIR is a Richmond-based strategic planning, communications, and market research advisory firm, serving businesses, nonprofits, and government agencies in Virginia and across the nation. The firm is proud to announce the addition of a longtime leader in communications and media to serve growing client service needs. Cathy Lewis joins SIR...
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Cathy Lewis and Lori Crouch, two Hampton Roads staples, join Richmond-based research and consulting firm

“How lucky are we?” JR Hipple, SIR managing partner, said. He was talking about Cathy Lewis and Lori Crouch, both well-known for their careers in Hampton Roads, joining the Richmond-based strategic planning, communications and market research boutique consulting firm. “When you have an opportunity to expand your staff with two really bright, really committed, experienced people who have such ...

Former WHRO host Cathy Lewis launches podcast to tackle region’s ‘most concerning’ issues

Cathy Lewis might’ve turned off her “HearSay” mic at WHRO in May, but she’s found her place behind a new one. Just bear with her as she learns the new technology behind it. She’s tackling topics better suited to her new show’s format and getting to the core of the region’s biggest challenges. “The Cathy Lewis Show,” a 30-minute podcast, picks up where “HearSay” left off. It launched last month ...