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‘Home Alone’ Star Catherine O’Hara Takes Anti-Hollywood Stance Against Plastic Surgery: ‘We Should Embrace and Respect Age’

Speaking out against the Hollywood norm, “Home Alone” star Catherine O’Hara encourages fellow actors to ditch plastic surgery. While speaking to The Hollywood Reporter recently, Catherine O’Hara shared her thoughts about plastic surgery. “First of all, I’m lucky to be alive, so I don’t mind aging. I’m a freak in that I’ve never had anything done to my face. I don’t want to get surgery and I don’t want to get needles, other than acupuncture needles. I believe we should embrace and respect age and love ourselves for it.”
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Catherine O’Hara on Aging in Hollywood: “We Should Embrace and Respect Age”

Catherine O’Hara says she hasn’t had any work on her face and she has no plans for surgery or needles in the future. The Schitt’s Creek actress and Emmy winner spoke to Entertainment Tonight Canada ahead of the 2022 International Women’s Day Women + Wealth Gala, where she’s appearing on May 14, and opened up about why she embraces aging.More from The Hollywood ReporterSuper Bowl LVI: Eugene Levy on Action Hero Makeover for Nissan Ad and 'Schitt's Creek' ConnectionEd Sheeran, Selena Gomez Join Virtual Fundraiser Venture Into Cures LineupDisney+ Releases First Trailer of 'Home Alone' Reboot 'Home Sweet Home Alone' “First of...
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Is Catherine O’Hara Interested In a Potential Schitt’s Creek Movie? She Says…

Watch: Dan Levy Isn't Ruling Out a "Schitt's Creek" Movie. Sounds like Moira isn't ready to "grab a hammer and nail this coffin shut" yet!. Back in 2020, there were rumblings about a potential Schitt's Creek movie, and now Catherine O'Hara is weighing in on whether she would be interested in taking the Rose family to the big screen. Her answer? She would "love" to but it would have "to be worth doing."
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Catherine O’Hara Through the Years: ‘Home Alone,’ ‘Schitt’s Creek,’ More

No disgruntled pelicans here! Catherine O’Hara has been making people laugh on screen since the ‘70s — and fans hope she never stops. The Toronto native, who is the second youngest of seven children, has always been a fan of the ensemble cast partly because of her roots. “I’ve never, for a second, been drawn to the idea of doing a one-woman show,” O’Hara told Time in March 2019, noting her family’s dynamic played a part in her desire to become a comedian. “Because it’s so inspiring to work with good, talented people.”

The Bookish Life of Catherine O’Hara

I can’t think of a single person I know who doesn’t adore Catherine O’Hara. You adore her. My best friend adores her. My spouse adores her, our children adore her. I myself am wearing a sweatshirt with her face on it as I type this. (Of course I can’t find it now, but it’s very similar to this one!)

Schitt's Creek Star Emily Hampshire Reveals the Cast's Group Chat Is Going Strong, But Without Catherine O'Hara

Emily Hampshire played Stevie Budd on Schitt's Creek for its entire run, and fans were sad to say goodbye to her and the Rose Family back in 2020. Recently, had the chance to chat with Hampshire about her new partnership with Jim Beam. During the interview, Hampshire opened up about everything from the potential second season of her new show, Chapelwaite, to revealing which superhero she'd want to play on the big screen. We also asked about the Schitt's Creek cast, and whether or not their group chat is going strong.

See Where the 'Home Alone' Cast Is Now, from Macaulay Culkin to Catherine O'Hara

The iconic role made him one of the biggest child actors of the ’90s—but his success didn’t stop there. After working on the first two Home Alone films, he went on to star in movies like The Good Son, Foster Hall, Saved! and Party Monster. Culkin also guest starred in a number of TV shows, like Frasier, Will & Grace and Kings. Most recently, he appeared on the small screen as Mickey in American Horror Story: Double Feature.

Watch 'Schitt's Creek' star give Catherine O'Hara a wig-filled tribute

"Schitt's Creek" star Noah Reid paid tribute to his former co-star Catherine O'Hara with an endearing performance that would make Moira Rose proud. The singer and actor, who played Patrick Brewer on the hit TV series, sang a cover of Joni Mitchell’s song “A Case of You” to congratulate O'Hara, who recently received a 2021 Governor General’s Performing Arts Award. The awards, deemed Canada's highest honor in the performing arts, recognize artists for "outstanding contribution to culture in Canada and abroad," according to the GGPAA website.
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Noah Reid Made A Music Video Honoring Catherine O'Hara And Her Schitt's Creek Wigs

If you’re going to honor Catherine O’Hara, you better have a few wigs on hand. Luckily, Schitt’s Creek star Noah Reid totally understood the assignment when he recorded a touching tribute to his iconic costar for her Lifetime Achievement Award at Canada's Governor General's Performing Arts Awards on Friday, Nov. 26. After receiving the prestigious honor, O’Hara was surprised with Reid’s heartfelt serenade, and the best part of Noah Reid’s music video for Catherine O’Hara was all of her Schitt’s Creek wigs popping up throughout. It’s a perfect mix of sweet and silly, and such a nice treat for Schitt’s Creek fans who have been missing the show.

‘Schitt’s Creek’ Star Catherine O’Hara Just Received a Major Award

The wins just keep on coming for the Schitt's Creek cast. While it's been over a year since the Rose family swept at the 2020 Emmy Awards, these past few weeks have proved quite fortunate for the cast members. Earlier this month, Dan Levy (David) and his father, Eugene Levy (Johnny), both became New York Times bestsellers when their Schitt's Creek tie-in book, Best Wishes, Warmest Regards: The Story of Schitt's Creek, climbed into the NYT nonfiction list. Meanwhile, Sarah Levy (Twyla) recently got married and gifted fans with a few gorgeous photos from her wedding.

Catherine O'Hara Loses Kevin (Hart) In First Holiday Effort For Chase Freedom

Chase Freedom Unlimited is launching its first-ever holiday campaign, which features two well-known actors. The spot brings together “Home Alone” holiday movie mom Catherine O’Hara with comedian and Chase Freedom partner Kevin Hart to show how consumers can cash back while shopping and spending this season. Reminiscent of the movie...

Catherine O'Hara Loves Home Alone Just As Much As You Do

Watch: Merry Christmas, Ya Filthy Animals: E! News Rewind. Turns out you're not the only one thirsty for more Home Alone each holiday season. "I love it!" Catherine O'Hara (a.k.a. Kate McCallister) told E! News about being a part of so many families' holiday traditions. "Because I have my own and there's movies that I have to watch every Christmas." On her list: Bing Crosby and Fred Astaire's 1942 classic Holiday Inn, which introduced the world to Irving Berlin's "White Christmas", A Tree Grows in Brooklyn, It's a Wonderful Life and, yes, Home Alone, of which she joked, "Oh yeah, have to force my kids to watch that."

Catherine O’Hara Jokes She Has to ‘Force’ Her Kids to Watch ‘Home Alone’ Every Year

Keep the change ya filthy animal! Catherine O’Hara has a soft spot for her hit holiday film Home Alone — but her family isn’t as over the moon about it. “I love it,” the 67-year-old actress told E! News on Wednesday, November 10, of being part of so many fans’ movie-watching traditions. “Because I have my own and there’s movies that I have to watch every Christmas.”