Caterina Scorsone

E.R. Fightmaster Talks Working With Caterina Scorsone In ‘Grey’s Anatomy’s “Extremely Flirty World”; Depicting Queer Romance Sans Explanation – QA

E.R. Fightmaster said booking their role on Grey’s Anatomy as the series’ first nonbinary doctor felt “like a match made in heaven.” “Booking Grey’s out of the self tape was really, really nice,” they told Deadline. “You send so many of these auditions into the void…and I got the phone call the next day. It was just one of those things that worked out.” The Shrill and Work in Progress actor made their Grey’s Anatomy debut as Dr. Kai Bartley in “Some Kind of Tomorrow.” A neuroscientist at the The Mayo Clinic in Minnesota, Fightmaster’s Dr. Bartley joins Meredith Grey (Ellen Pompeo)...