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Carson Wentz and Taylor Heinicke are match-play juggernaut, take down Team Coaches at Washington Commanders golf outing

What makes a perfect match-play pairing? It’s a question we’ve asked time and time again, whether at the Ryder Cup, the Zurich Classic, or our own local muny. Maybe it’s complimentary shot shapes, maybe it’s a shared hatred of cilantro, or maybe it’s something deeper; an astrological compatibility quite literally written in the stars. Our best golf scientists remain on the case, but whatever it is, Carson Wentz and Taylor Heinicke—two-thirds of the Washington Commanders quarterback room—seem to have it.

Jim Irsay says Carson Wentz era was “mistake”

Indianapolis Colts owner Jim Irsay has not been mincing words about how badly he wanted to move on from Carson Wentz after this last NFL season. Despite having six Pro Bowlers on their roster, the Colts failed to make the playoffs due in large part to a season-ending loss to the lowly Jacksonville Jaguars. Just about every decision-maker in the organization put the blame at the feet of Wentz, who failed to lead the team as hoped. Trading their starting quarterback just one year after acquiring him in a costly trade suddenly seemed very possible.

Carson Wentz ‘surprised’ when Colts traded him to Washington

INDIANAPOLIS – A beautiful day last week turned into the first day of the rest of Carson Wentz’s NFL life. The calm of spending time at home with his family was interrupted by a call from Indianapolis Colts General Manager Chris Ballard. Wentz’s world was about to be rocked.

Carson Wentz: Job Saver or Franchise Savior?

Wentz upon a time, there was a quarterback that was highly touted coming out of North Dakota State. Despite having a short resume, he did lead his team to back-to-back FCS Championships and was seen as a surefire top-five pick in the 2016 NFL draft. At 6-foot-5 and 237 pounds...

Indianapolis Colts 2022 Mock Draft: Who Replaces Carson Wentz?

Regardless of who the team has at quarterback, the Indianapolis Colts will be in a great position to add talent around them. They currently sit at ~70 million dollars in available cap space and will be able to add top talent if they choose to do so. Historically, Chris Ballard...
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Philly villains Carson Wentz, Ben Simmons now face endless Eagles, Sixers venom

Karma can be a ... cruel mistress. Fate has conspired to deliver to Philadelphia the two greatest sports traitors in the city's history for the maximum number of appearances for the foreseeable future. Both play for divisional rivals. It's like being able to heckle your ex at their job performance...