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From Fashionista to BBQ Brawl Judge, Carson Kressley Brings Levity to the Show with Big Personality and Terrible Puns

Anyone who takes an interest in BBQ or reality TV is likely familiar with the Food Network show, "BBQ Brawl". This cooking show brings up-and-coming pitmasters through a series of unique challenges, resulting in one lucky BBQ chef being crowned Master of 'Cue. Although most of the faces on the show are talented chefs or well-established food personalities like Bobby Flay, there was one outlier: the flamboyant and hilarious judge, Carson Kressley. Who is this entertaining personality and more importantly, what's he doing judging a BBQ cooking contest?
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So Carson Kressley Dated an Axe Murderer

RuPaul’s Drag Race judge Carson Kressley has a dating history, okay? Like, with timelines and footnotes and cross-referencing. Speaking to Andy Cohen on WWHL, Kressley said the worst date of his life was one with a person he categorized as “an axe murder.” Apparently Kressley had taken this fella home after a night at the bars, and the gentlemen did not get down to business so much as make a sandwich. So the guy makes himself a sandwich and leaves. Weird, but not earth-shattering. Cut to later, when Kressley happens upon a Most Wanted poster, and the man is wanted for multiple murders. Kressley came out ahead — not only by not getting axe murdered, but also by getting a story to eat out on for the next decade.

Carson Kressley Says Shows Like ‘Drag Race’ Help Create Empathy

Carson Kressley’s Drag Race career has kept him busy. He visited The Nick Cannon Show to talk style, Celebrity Big Brother, and more. The lifestyle expert sat with the talk show host after Season 14 of RuPaul’s Drag Race intensified with a recent contestant coming out as transgender.

Carson Kressley Reacts to His Fan-Favorite Win on Celebrity Big Brother 3

Celebrity Big Brother has hit the scene! After every eviction, Parade’s Mike Bloom interviews the latest celebrity to leave the Big Brother house. Carson Kressley has a very different tone when he sat down with me last night compared to almost a week prior. Back then, he was remorseful and a little crushed. Though he had enjoyed his time in the Celebrity Big Brother house, when he found out about Todrick Hall and Miesha Tate deceiving him to backdoor Shanna Moakler, he felt incredibly guilt about turning on a friend. But in the days since, he’s been able to reconnect with her and apologize on multiple accounts. So the Emmy winner got to flash a smile and give his trademark one-liners as he returned to the stage to cast one of many jury votes for Miesha to win. And he ended the night with an even bigger grin, winning this season’s America’s Favorite Houseguest prize over Shanna and Lamar Odom.
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After Celebrity Big Brother’s Carson Kressley Was Tricked Into Betraying Shanna Moakler, He Reveals What He Wants To Say When They Meet Again

Former Queer Eye star and recent Celebrity Big Brother Season 3 cast member Carson Kressley has left the game. But before doing so, he realized he made a grave error during the competition. Fans watched in awe as Carson turned on his alliance member, Shanna Moakler, and voted her out of the house due to rumors spread by choreographer and Big Brother superfan Todrick Hall and fighter Miesha Tate. Now, Kressley is revealing what he'd say to Moakler when they meet again.
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Shanna Moakler Thanks ‘Class Act’ Carson Kressley for ‘Big Brother’ Apology

Burying the hatchet. Carson Kressley made good on his promise to apologize to Shanna Moakler following their Celebrity Big Brother season 3 exits. “Now that I’m out of the @bigbrothercbs house I have had time to catch up on ALOT [sic] of the things that had been going on of which I was unaware: I admit I had not seen much of Big Brother prior to being invited and I severely underestimated the tactics and behavior that are part of game play,” the Bravo alum, 52, wrote via Instagram on Sunday, February 20, after being eliminated from the CBS reality show. “Days, weeks, hours without access to family, friends and the outside world provides for bonding, sure, but it allows for a false sense of trust too and paranoia about your instinct.”

Carson Kressley Says He Owes Shanna Moakler ‘Such a Big Apology’ After ‘Celebrity Big Brother’: ‘I Feel Awful’

Owning up. Carson Kressley may have made one of the biggest mistakes in Celebrity Big Brother history and boy, does he know it. The Queer Eye alum, 52, now realizes that getting out Shanna Moakler, who was an ally and even used the Veto to save him the week before, was not at all in his best interest. In fact, he admits to being completely duped by Miesha Tate and Todrick Hall, and acknowledges that he owes the former beauty queen a major mea culpa.

Celebrity Big Brother 3: Was Carson Kressley evicted in sixth place?

Tonight’s Celebrity Big Brother 3 episode could chronicle many things, but the eviction of Carson Kressley is high on the list. Are we going to miss Carson in terms of feed content? Sure. He at least recognized that this was a TV show and he tried to deliver some content with that. Did he also complete squander his potential as a player? Also absolutely. His Head of Household reign is probably the worst since Fessy from Big Brother 20, at least in terms of him targeting a possibly ally over people previously gunning for him. Heck, it’s even worse than Fessy’s in a way since Shanna Moakler had just saved him with a Power of Veto! Carson seriously misjudged Todrick Hall and Miesha Tate and tonight, he will pay the price for that.