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Ross Mathews channels 'TRL' era Carson Daly for 'RuPaul's Drag Race All Stars'

Ross Mathews hilariously channeled Carson Daly for Friday's episode of "RuPaul's Drag Race All Stars: Winners" streaming on Paramount+. The episode was "Total Request Live"-themed with competitors having to form two girl groups from the year 2000 and perform on the iconic MTV music show once hosted by Daly. Mathews,...

Carson Daly details his journey with back pain and recent surgery

Carson Daly has been dealing with back pain for more than 20 years after he got injured in a snowmobile accident. Now he's opening up about the non-surgical procedure called “Intracept” that he just underwent that’s giving hope to millions of back pain sufferers.June 13, 2022.

Carson Daly delayed getting MRI for back pain due to panic attacks

For years, Carson Daly needed to address his chronic lower back pain, but he couldn’t bring himself to get a magnetic resonance imaging test, a crucial first step. The TODAY co-host shared on Monday that the main reason for his reluctance was his generalized anxiety disorder, which had him fearing the tightly enclosed tube usually used to conduct MRIs. Carson has spoken of his mental struggles with anxiety, but this shows how the condition has affected his physical health, as well.

Carson Daly undergoes ‘breakthrough’ procedure after decades of back pain

Carson Daly has undergone a new procedure to help him heal from the decades of back pain that has negatively affected his life. The TODAY co-host, 48, injured his back in a snowmobile accident while working for MTV in the '90s and has grappled with increasing pain in the decades since. Now, a new procedure called Intracept may provide some long-wished-for relief.

Carson Daly Has Back Surgery to Help Remedy Decades-Long Pain

Carson Daly has found relief to his decades-long back pain after undergoing a new, minimally invasive procedure. Daly spoke about the FDA-approved procedure, called Intracept, while on the Today show Thursday. The procedure, which Daly underwent earlier this week, targets the basivertebral nerve and will "essentially cut off the phone...

‘The Voice’ Host Carson Daly Returns to ‘TODAY’ After Major Surgery

On Thursday (June 9th), “The Voice” host Carson Daly returned to “TODAY” after he underwent surgery to help with his chronic lower back pain. According to “TODAY,” “The Voice” host injured his back while snowboarding in the 1990s. The incident resulted in a T12 compression fracture. While speaking about the surgery, Daly told his “TODAY” co-stars, “I feel actually better and I’m glad that I did it. It’s not a cure-all but it was a step in my journey that I think is going to help.”