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Carson Daly interview: ‘The Voice’

“Never!” is the quick response Emmy winner Carson Daly has when asked if he predicted his hosting gig on “The Voice” would last for 20 seasons. “It was quite the opposite. People thought we were crazy. If you recall the landscape in television at that time, ‘American Idol,’ by all accounts, was kind of rounding third heading for home after their monumental success. Yet there still seemed to be an appetite for singing competitions because ‘X-Factor’ was coming over from Europe. When we got this format from Holland, we had a very small window of time to get it on NBC before ‘X-Factor.’ We never thought we’d last, we barely thought we would survive.” Watch the exclusive video interview with Daly above.
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DailyMailTV EXCLUSIVE: Carson Daly talks mental health struggles and how people can get help in their own lives ... and reflects on his iconic TRL days

Carson Daly is speaking out about the mental health crisis currently plaguing the nation and getting candid about how he came to terms with his own struggles. DailyMailTV senior correspondent Alicia Quarles exclusively sat down with the 47-year-old star to find out what he's doing to help erase the stigma surrounding mental health issues.
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Young singer-songwriter is mentored by Carson Daly and teams with Jewel

13 storage solutions for all of the problem areas in your home. Continuing TODAY’s Tomorrow’s Voices series, Carson Daly spotlights Jasmine Chesbro, a young singer-songwriter, and pairs her with Jewel in a duet. (“Tomorrow’s Voices” was created by TODAY with our sponsor and parent company Comcast, which helped find the students profiled.)
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Why ‘Today Show’ Star Carson Daly Said He ‘Dodged a Bullet’ by Breaking His Engagement to Tara Reid

Carson Daly continues to juggle his gigs on The Voice and the Today Show. Married to Siri Pinter, the couple have four children ages 12 and under. Making a name for himself on MTV’s Total Request Live (TRL) from 1998 to 2003, Daly was previously linked to some top-name celebs including Jennifer Love Hewitt and Ashlee Simpson. Once engaged to actor Tara Reid, Daly later summarized why the relationship didn’t make it to the altar.
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'It's okay to not be okay': Carson Daly speaks about battle with 'debilitating' panic and anxiety as he works with Project Healthy Minds to quell stigma surrounding mental illnesses

Carson Daly said that he's been battling anxiety for decades. The TV personality, 47, speaking with People on Thursday, opened up about his mental health and his path to awareness. The Los Angeles native, who appears on the Today Show and The Voice, is working with Project Healthy Minds on...
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Carson Daly talks about mental health in People magazine

TODAY’s own Carson Daly is featured in this week’s issue of People magazine, opening up about mental health and how he hopes his story will help others. The issue hits newsstands Friday. Appearing:Savannah Guthrie. Tags: television, health, lifestyle, wellness, pop culture, Editor's picks, today.
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Carson Daly reveals he has suffered from debilitating anxiety and panic attacks through most of his on-air career

Daly never planned to open up about his struggles, but he changed his mind after interviewing NBA player Kevin Love on the Today show about the exact same issues. "I've suffered for over 20 years with, at times, debilitating anxiety and panic, and never knew it. I never knew how to define it," Daly tells People. "After finally opening up to friends, one of them had a history of anxiety, and looked at me and was like, 'You have anxiety.'"

'The Voice' turns 10! Carson Daly shares his favorite moments from the hit show

When Carson Daly thinks about the upcoming 10th anniversary of “The Voice,” the first thing that comes to mind is his son, Jackson. “He's 11, and so he's basically the life of the show,” said Daly, who’s hosted the singing competition show since it premiered in April 2011. “I used to have him on set in, like, a BabyBjörn and I used to wear him while I was doing ‘The Voice.’ So when I think of ‘The Voice’ turning 10, it's reflective of sort of my parenting, you know, my life as a father. The greatest job I have is being a father and ‘The Voice’ is probably second, so I'm nostalgic about it.”

Carson Daly Told Gwen Stefani and Blake Shelton Not to Date

Gwen Stefani and Blake Shelton are engaged after five years together, but one of their good friends initially wasn't even sure whether they should date. During a recent appearance on the Today show, anchor and The Voice host Carson Daly revealed that he had a conversation with Stefani and Shelton where he actively discouraged them from seeing each other.
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Why Carson Daly Warned Gwen Not To Date Blake

When it comes to friends and relationship advice, sometimes it's best to just go with your gut, and ignore the armchair experts that come out of the woodwork as soon as you start dating someone new. As dating coach Connell Barrett explained to Elite Daily, "You'd like your friends to support your relationship. In a perfect world, your BFFs would totally support your love life. But the world is not perfect, and you can't determine your happiness based on what others think of you."

Peloton's Alex Toussaint shares inspiring story with Carson Daly

Alex Toussaint started his fitness career mopping floors at a gym, but just a few years later, he's one of the most iconic cycling instructors on Peloton, helping thousands of users along their fitness journeys through inspirational workouts. Toussaint told TODAY's Carson Daly that he had a "troubled childhood" and...

Carson Daly reminds Gwen Stefani he once told her not to date Blake Shelton

Gwen Stefani and Blake Shelton will soon be walking down the aisle. Their love story, though, may not have happened if they listened to Carson Daly. “Five years ago, when you started to date Blake, you’ll remember this, we went back to your house, your old house in LA, and I sat you and Blake down in the kitchen,” Carson told Stefani Thursday on TODAY.