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Caron Butler Recalls An Epic Kobe Bryant Moment

It seems like anyone who played in the NBA while Kobe was in the league has a story about the legend. Especially those who played with him, like Caron Butler. Butler arrived in Los Angeles in the summer of 2004 as part of the trade that sent Shaq to the Miami Heat.
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Caron Butler shares insane story about Kobe Bryant cussing, demanding the ball, then hitting game-winner

Former NBA All-Star Caron Butler recently shared a great story about Los Angeles Lakers legend Kobe Bryant. “I’ve never told this story,” Butler said during a podcast appearance. “We was in Charlotte, and we was in the huddle, and he was like, the game was tied, there was only four seconds, three seconds on the shot clock. Rudy T (Rudy Tomjanovich) drawing up all type of s— on the board, and he swiped it off again, and Kobe said, ‘F— that. Just give me the ball right here.’ He was like, ‘Whoever want to take the ball out going to be part of history.’ And Lamar [Odom] was like, ‘I want to be part history.’ He threw that s— in, man. Kobe hit the shot, blouses, game.”
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Former UConn star Caron Butler calls out Gov. Lamont for vetoing prison confinement bill

Caron Butler called out Gov. Ned Lamont on Thursday for vetoing a bill that would have set statutory limits on the use of solitary confinement in Connecticut prisons. “To Governor Lamont, I am sorry you chose not to see me, and people like me, as human beings. I am sorry you haven’t spent a day in solitary, much less two weeks, much less two years, before making this veto,” Butler, the former UConn and NBA star, said in a statement through Stop Solitary CT.

Report: Chris Paul spied on KZ Okpala in game vs. Miami Heat, knew Caron Butler taught him impressive move

Miami Heat youngster KZ Okpala apparently caught the eye of NBA legend Chris Paul at one point this season. “[Caron] Butler spent some of this season working with second-year Heat player KZ Okpala, who hadn’t seen much time on the floor,” Paolo Uggetti of The Ringer wrote. “In early March, he got a text from Paul that included a video of Okpala during a game against the Orlando Magic. Butler was thrown off. Why was Paul watching a random Heat-Magic game in the middle of the season? He watched the clip—one where Okpala pulled off a dribble move along the baseline—and saw that Paul guessed Butler had taught Okpala the move because it was something Butler did often when he and Paul played together. Butler was blown away.”
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How Kobe Bryant Inspired Caron Butler's ‘Second Act' After the NBA

Butler says Kobe inspired him to create a legacy after the NBA originally appeared on NBC Sports Washington. Kobe Bryant's legacy has inspired NBA players of the past, present and future to create their own. So it's no surprise that one season with the late, great Mamba yielded some life-altering...

Heat’s Caron Butler resuming biopic venture with Mark Wahlberg

At a time people are going back to the movies, Miami Heat assistant coach Caron Butler is about to get into the movies. Or at least his story. Having collaborated with actor Mark Wahlberg to have his 2015 memoir, Tuff Juice: My Journey from the Streets to the NBA, turned into a Hollywood vehicle, the former Heat first-round draft choice saw that project set back by the coronavirus pandemic. ...

LISTEN: UConn Legend Caron Butler Wants Lamont To Limit Solitary Confinement

Both chambers of the state legislature over the weekend passed SB 1059 -- also known as the PROTECT Act. It’s a measure that would end the practice of long-term continuous solitary confinement for most inmates by mandating they be given at least 6 1/2 hours outside the cell each day. The measure would also curtail abusive shackling and strengthen oversight of the Department of Correction. To help persuade Gov. Ned Lamont to sign the bill into law, UConn basketball legend Caron Butler spoke to the legislature Monday. The current Miami Heat assistant coach joined All Things Considered to talk about the issue.