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Carolyn Maloney WAS endorsed by Carlina Rivera. Then things changed.

Rep. Carolyn Maloney highlighted an endorsement from City Council Member Carlina Rivera in a fundraising email Tuesday – but Rivera said she’s no longer a supporter after redistricting pitted Maloney against Rep. Jerry Nadler in the August primary. “This wasn’t an ‘endorsement’ they should have rolled out, as it was nonexistent in the new district,” Rivera spokesperson Alyssa Cass told City & State. Rivera did endorse Maloney back in January, but things are different now – Rivera is running for Congress herself, in the 10th district, much of which is currently repped by Nadler.
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Rep. Carolyn Maloney accuses Rep. Jerry Nadler of sexism in primary challenge

The gloves came off this week between two entrenched and once-friendly Democratic Congress members who are now battling in a primary for their political lives. Rep. Carolyn Maloney fired the first salvo this week, claiming to The Post that her longtime colleague Rep. Jerry Nadler tried to muscle her out of a newly carved Manhattan congressional district — and wouldn’t have attempted such a thing if she were a man. “I met with Jerry and he asked me to leave and stand aside,” Maloney said of the alleged exchange on the House floor on May 16, just after a court-appointed...

Facing Jerry Nadler battle, Carolyn Maloney demands Kushner detail $2B Saudi investment

Rep. Carolyn Maloney on Thursday demanded that former first son-in-law Jared Kushner hand over records of his communications with Saudi Arabia about a $2 billion investment in Kushner’s investment fund Affinity Partners. The New York Democrat, chairwoman of the House oversight committee, wrote in an eight-page letter that she wants to determine if new laws are needed to restrict the actions of former US officials, but she didn’t allege possible violations of existing laws. Maloney faces a tough primary election Aug. 23 against fellow longtime Rep. Jerry Nadler (D-NY), the chairman of the House Judiciary Committee, who was more prominent than Maloney...

Jerry Nadler gets endorsement of ultra liberal Working Families Party over Carolyn Maloney

Unsurprisingly, the progressive nod in the battle for a new congressional district spanning the Upper West and Upper East sides of Manhattan has gone to the candidate on the left side of the map. The ultra liberal Working Families Party has endorsed Rep. Jerrold Nadler over Rep. Carolyn Maloney on Wednesday in the campaign that pits two decades-entrenched Democratic incumbents and one-time allies against one another following redistricting. “Jerry Nadler has been a powerful voice for reforming the Supreme Court, reimagining our justice system, and putting diplomacy and engagement over war and aggression,” said Sochie Nnaemeka, director of the New York Working...
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Jerry Nadler, Carolyn Maloney to Face Off in Blockbuster Manhattan Primary

Manhattan Reps. Jerry Nadler and Carolyn Maloney, both Congressional stalwarts for a generation, will face each other in a Democratic primary this summer after redrawn maps put the two in the same district. Nadler has been in Congress since 1992, and currently represents the 10th District; Maloney has served since...

Carolyn Maloney skips Met Gala to focus on politics

It’s fashion’s biggest night, but Rep. Carolyn Maloney – one of New York’s most sartorially minded members of Congress – will not be in attendance. While New York City Mayor Eric Adams, City Council Speaker Adrienne Adams, Comptroller Brad Lander and likely more members of the New York political world will be strutting the red carpet at the Met Gala tonight, Maloney’s team has told her that she needs to keep her eye on a different ball. After the state’s highest court threw out the congressional and state Senate district maps last week, Maloney is one of many candidates whose upcoming election has been thrown into disarray. “I don’t know when the election is and I don’t know where I’m running!” Maloney told City & State over the weekend. The 15-term representative hinted to City & State that she had been hoping to don a climate change-themed dress this year. But the gala’s Gilded Age theme may have been too hot to politically handle in a primary year. Maloney, whose district includes the Met, has been a frequent attendee of the gala, but the event has become something of a minefield for New York politicians looking to maintain some semblance of groundedness.

Rep. Carolyn Maloney ‘horrified’ by Russian invasion of Ukraine

Rep. Carolyn Maloney (D-N.Y.) Thursday denounced Russia’s invasion of Ukraine and called for a “swift and severe” response. “I am horrified by Vladimir Putin’s invasion of Ukraine, which endangers the lives of innocent civilians, disregards international law, and could create a major humanitarian crisis in Europe,” Maloney said. The powerful chair of the House Oversight Committee blamed the ...

Carolyn Maloney Rolls Out LGBTQ Endorsements

Incumbent Congressmember Carolyn Maloney on February 14 unveiled a list of endorsements from LGBTQ elected officials and individuals in her bid for re-election in the redrawn 12th Congressional District. Exactly three-dozen individuals, from congressmembers to current and former councilmembers and activists, signed a letter directed to the Stonewall Democratic Club...

Rep. Carolyn Maloney Picks Up Another Primary Challenger

Suraj Patel, an attorney and businessman, announced Monday that he is running against Rep. Carolyn Maloney in the Democratic primary in June, handing her another serious challenger. Patel challenged Maloney in the 2018 and 2020 election cycles as well, coming within four percentage points of unseating her on his second...