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Mrs. World Caroline Jurie Arrested After Snatching Crown From Mrs. Sri Lanka’s Head

Mrs. World Caroline Jurie was arrested for grabbing the crown off of Mrs. Sri Lanka’s head on stage, moments after the woman had won the title. Jurie, along with model Chula Padmendra, were arrested for “charges of simple hurt and criminal cause,” police spokesman Ajith Rohana told BBC, after Jurie pulled the tiara off of Mrs. Sri Lanka Pushpika De Silva‘s head on stage and placed it on the head of the runner up. De Silva claims that she suffered injuries from when Jurie “snatched” her crown.
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Sri Lankan beauty queen Caroline Jurie arrested over wild pageant brawl

A Sri Lankan beauty queen who caused a pageant brawl over the crown has been arrested over the on-stage altercation, police said Thursday. Reigning “Mrs. World” Caroline Jurie was arrested on charges of “simple hurt and criminal cause” in connection to the chaos Sunday night at a pageant in Colombo, the BBC reported.

Caroline Jurie gives up her “Mrs. World” title after arrest

Caroline Jurie, the winner of Mrs. World 2020, dropped her title, days after a blow of shock emerged at the night of the grand finale of Mrs. Sri Lanka 2021, where Mrs. Jurie seized the crown of Pushpika De Silva, the pageant winner, allegedly causing injuries on her head. “I...