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Stellantis CEO Carlos Tavares tests electric Maserati GranTurismo Folgore

Maserati is developing a redesigned GranTurismo for launch in 2023 and Carlos Tavares, the CEO of Maserati parent company Stellantis, has just taken a late-stage prototype for a spin on the streets of Rome. The prototype is for an electric version to be called the GranTurismo Folgore, which Maserati had...
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Ford Reorganization Panned By Stellantis CEO Carlos Tavares

Ford made waves last week when it announced that it was splitting its business into two separate entities – Model e, which will focus on the EV side of its business, and Ford Blue, which is centered around ICE-powered vehicles. Most applauded this move, seeing it as an important first step toward competing with the likes of Tesla, though Wall Street does have some concerns about Ford’s goals related to the split. Regardless, frequent FoMoCo critic and Stellantis CEO Carlos Tavares isn’t as impressed by the Ford reorganization plan, as he recently explained to The Detroit News.
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Stellantis CEO Carlos Tavares Breaks Down the True Cost of All Its New EVs

Did you know Stellantis sells 34 electrified vehicles globally now? Before Stellantis, its group of automakers were lagging behind the EV competition. Late CEO Sergio Marchionne, who ran FCA before it partnered with PSA Group, infamously told people not to buy the electric Fiat 500 because they lost money with every sale. Now, the current Stellantis group CEO Carlos Tavares has plenty of cars he'd be happy for you to buy, but the cost of EV manufacturing is still a headache.

Fairytales Stellantis CEO Carlos Tavares Tells the World

This is a reaction to an interview with four influential European journals as previously reported on by Steve Hanley. Originally, the title of this article was “The Lies Stellantis CEO Carlos Tavares Told The Press,” but I changed it to “Fairytales Stellantis CEO Carlos Tavares Tells The World.” The change was because lies are deliberate and perhaps Carlos Tavares believes what he told the press to be true. I also don’t think this is a case of not being able to understand because your salary depends on not understanding. I think he just can’t imagine a world where his preconceptions are not true. Nevertheless, his comments are as true as the fairytales written by Hans Christian Andersen, or the folktales told by the Grimm Brothers.

Stellantis CEO Carlos Tavares on EV push: “chosen by politicians, not by industry”

The CEO of Stellantis said in an interview with European newspapers on Tuesday that electrification could create “social consequences”, and efforts to move toward an all-electric industry are motivated by politics. His comments come just days after models in Stellantis brands Citroën, Opel, and Peugeot had ICE options eliminated in favor of electric powertrains. Speaking […]

'Carlos Tavares is the heavyweight champion of the automotive world'

The biggest, brightest, most respected and convincing motor industry CEO I’ve met in recent years? Carlos Tavares. Despite his gentle demeanour, nutty professor(ish) grin and effortless approach to working life, he’s the heavyweight champion of the automotive world. So fighting-fit and tactically aware is he that rival bosses can at best only consider themselves contenders, with little chance of snatching the title from him anytime soon.