Carl Hester

Carl Hester Top Tip

Carl talks about a ‘dip in front of the wither’, it’s not good, what we can do about it?. With correct stretching you can seed dip fill up – Carl demonstrates. “There were two horses in the Clinic that had it. The first horse I felt it was more just conformation, its neck is just not set on great. But even when it is a conformational issue, through correct stretching you could see that hole fill up as the muscle came up, then there’s no dip in the neck. The other one was when the horse became hollow in the back and inverted in the neck, because the rider was too heavy on his back at that point in a half halt, so the horse was inverting. It’s just a really good indication, if you are riding on your own, which lots of people are when they ride, check, is that part of the neck in front of the wither, round, is it without wrinkles? It’s just a test for you to look at when you are riding, and know that if there is a dip, then the horse is not completely over the top line.”
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