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The Motley Fool Interviews Gemini Co-Founder Cameron Winklevoss

Cameron Winklevoss is a Bitcoin (CRYPTO:BTC) billionaire and co-founder of the popular Gemini exchange along with his identical twin brother Tyler. Cameron recently sat down for a chat with The Motley Fool's Chief Growth Officer, Anand Chokkavelu. In this video, recorded on March 18, you can learn where he sees Bitcoin and other cryptocurrencies heading in the long term, how individual investors should get exposure to these digital assets, the potential of blockchain technology, and much more.
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Gold could get ‘GameStopped’ next, says Cameron Winklevoss

The ongoing silver price rally, allegedly sparked by retail traders from Reddit, could “tell us just how bullshit precious metals markets are,” said crypto exchange Gemini co-founder Cameron Winklevoss last Sunday. “The ramifications of a #silversqueeze cannot be underestimated. If it’s exposed that there are more paper claims on silver...

Bitcoin Billionaire Cameron Winklevoss Says Gold Could Be the Next GameStop

“Silver squeeze” has a nice ring to it. Could a “gold grab” be next? Last week, in an unprecedented stock market coup, members of Reddit group Wall Street Bets conspired to beat hedge funders at their own “short squeeze” game, driving up GameStop shares more than 200%. Now some of the same Reddit investors are buying shares of silver mining companies, driving the silver price up 11% to $30 a share (as of Monday morning), the highest it’s been since 2013.