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Cameron Monaghan Is Comfortable Telling Uncomfortable Stories

This story is part of I'm So Obsessed (subscribe here), our podcast featuring interviews with actors, artists, celebrities and creative types about their work, career and current obsessions. Fans of the award-winning Showtime series Shameless know Cameron Monaghan. When he was just 15, he started playing Ian Gallagher, the gay...
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Star Wars Jedi: Survivor Star Cameron Monaghan Says the Sequel Is More "Mature"

Cameron Monaghan, the star who plays Cal Kestis in Star Wars Jedi: Fallen Order, has said that the upcoming sequel, Jedi: Survivor, is a more "mature" game compared to its predecessor. As one of the bigger announcements of Star Wars Celebration 2022, Respawn and EA confirmed that Jedi: Survivor was real and that it would be coming in 2023. And while fans are still trying to piece together their thoughts on the first teaser trailer, Monaghan himself has now talked about what he thinks of the game.
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'Shameless' Star Cameron Monaghan Talks New Thriller 'Shattered'

Cameron Monaghan plays Chris Decker in the film, a lonely tech millionaire who falls for the charming, blonde-haired beauty played by Lilly Krugg. However, Sky's strange behavior begins to worry Chris as he suspects her intentions may be more menacing than they appear. Monaghan described the film as similar to...

Cameron Monaghan on Getting Tortured for His Art in ‘Shattered’ and Saying Goodbye to ‘Shameless’

Cameron Monaghan must be a glutton for punishment. In “Shattered,” the actor plays a wealthy tech guru named Chris who comes to really, really, sincerely regret his fling with the beautiful and mysterious Sky (Lilly Krug). Their meet-cute in the aisle of a supermarket quickly devolves into kidnapping and extortion, with Chris finding himself tied up and brutalized in creatively horrific ways. Think of it as “Fatal Attraction” with buckets of blood. “Shattered,” which definitely isn’t for the faint of stomach, opens on Jan. 14. Monaghan spoke with Variety about what attracted him to the horror-thriller, working with John Malkovich, and saying...

Cameron Monaghan on What He Wants Out of Jedi: Fallen Order 2

Star Wars Jedi: Fallen Order was an extremely successful and critically beloved game and also left fertile ground for a sequel. Protagonist Cal Kestis’ voice actor, Cameron Monaghan, recently spoke to ComingSoon about his time on Jedi: Fallen Order, saying what he’d like to see in the sequel, if it is indeed coming.

Cameron Monaghan talks thriller ‘Shattered,’ effective directing, working with stunt coordinators, appeal of specific roles

“Shattered,” a brand new thriller directed by Luis Prieto (“White Lines”), releases in select theaters, including Austin’s Galaxy Highland 10, and on demand Jan. 14. Cameron Monaghan (“Gotham,” “Shameless”) stars as Chris, a young millionaire who, after selling his successful tech company, enjoys the privileges of his new-found wealth in a secluded mountain home. As the film progresses, Chris begins to fall for Sky (Lilly Krug), a local girl who grows up close to the rich recluse. After an injury forces Chris into a wheelchair, Sky volunteers to be his at-home nurse. From there, “Shattered” descends into a maddening sprial of violence and deception in the style of a classic 1990s erotic thriller. The Daily Texan spoke with star Cameron Monaghan about his time on the film and work as an actor.

‘Shattered’ Trailer: John Malkovich, Cameron Monaghan & Frank Grillo Star In Luis Prieto’s New Thriller

How well do we know those around us? Does it even matter when the alternative is a lonely existence? “Shattered” delves into the life of a millionaire in search of human connection, only to find a dangerous stranger all too willing to change his life. Cameron Monaghan stars as the man prepared to undergo anything to forgo his solitary world. He’s joined by Lilly Krug, Sasha Luss, Frank Grillo, and legendary actor John Malkovich.