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Caleb Landry Jones: “I don’t like gratuitous violence in movies”

Caleb Landry Jones isn’t an actor who blends into the background. That’s not a tactful way of calling him a scenery-chewer – something he certainly isn’t – just an acknowledgement of the unique, slightly creepy quality he’s brought to a memorable run of supporting roles. “Fucking genius” is how he describes Jordan Peele’s script for Get Out, the zeitgeist-grabbing 2017 horror film in which he radiates menace as an unapologetic racist preying on Daniel Kaluuya‘s ‘Final Boy’. “I could hear the audience while reading the script, I could hear people going ‘woooooo!’,” he says.
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Caleb Landry Jones Plays Australia’s Deadliest Shooter in ‘Nitram,’ but He’ll Never Say the Real Killer’s Name

Click here to read the full article. Caleb Landry Jones is chainsmoking on a couch in his Los Angeles home. Behind him is a black-and-white woodcut of a contorted nude figure, carved by his girlfriend, the artist Katya Svereva. He’ll be the first to cop to the disheveled, charmingly ragged appearance we expect from this indie film’s consummate weirdo. (“There has been a lot of unmanaged hair.”) We’re on Zoom to discuss his ferocious turn in Justin Kurzel’s “Nitram,” a dramatic retelling (with ample artistic license) of the events that led up to the 1996 Port Arthur shooting in Tasmania....
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Caleb Landry Jones’ movie ‘Nitram’ will never say the Australian mass shooter’s name

Caleb Landry Jones, who is starring as Australia’s deadliest mass shooter ever in Nitram, says the movie will never say the killer’s name. Caleb Landry Jones is set to play as Australia’s deadliest mass shooter, who killed 35 people and injured 24 more in Port Arthur in 1996. The actor is known for his roles such as Banshee in X-Men: First Class, Jeremy Armitage in Get Out, Red Welby in Three Billboards Outside Ebbing, Missouri, Ty Carter in The Outpost, and Jeff in Finch.

‘Nitram’ — Caleb Landry Jones on his most challenging role to date

The devastating events that unfolded on April 28 and 29, 1996 in Australia have left a lasting impact on the way the whole continent has thought about gun control. The Port Arthur mass shooting is a story that has haunted those who lived in and around Port Arthur, Tasmania for decades, and making a film about the event has certainly had its moments of hesitation. But for director Justin Kurzel, reading Shaun Grant’s script provided him with a way to tell a story about one of the darkest moments in Australia’s history. And it’s done with honesty, and a chilling resonance on how people can react to the world around them.

‘Nitram’ Exclusive Clip: Caleb Landry Jones Doesn’t Understand Why The World Hates Him

In 2021, Australia marked the 25th anniversary of the worst mass shooting in the country’s history. That shooting happened in April 1996 when a young gunman went on a shooting spree, killing 35 and injuring many others. This event is the inspiration of the critically acclaimed film “Nitram” by famed Australian director Justin Kurzel (“Macbeth,” “True History of the Kelly Gang”) and writer Shaun Grant.

‘Nitram’ Trailer: Caleb Landry Jones’ Scorching & Cannes-Winning Performance Hits The U.S. In March

There are dozens of reasons to be excited for Justin Kurzel’s upcoming drama, “Nitram,” the artful filmmaker himself and the terrific supporting cast that includes Judy Davis, Anthony LaPaglia, Essie Davis, and more. But the main selling point is likely the scorching lead performance by Caleb Landry Jones which earned him the Best Actor Prize at the 2021 Cannes International Film Festival where the film premiered to outstanding critical reception.

Nitram Trailer: Caleb Landry Jones Leads IFC Films’ Psychological Thriller

IFC Films has dropped the official Nitram trailer for Australian filmmaker Justin Kurzel’s forthcoming psychological thriller drama, starring Get Out‘s Caleb Landry Jones, whose leading performance won him the Best Actor Award at the 2021 Cannes Film Festival. It is scheduled to make its U.S. debut on March 30, in theaters, on digital rental, and on AMC+.

Caleb Landry Jones is Menacing in First Trailer for Justin Kurzel’s Nitram

Winner of Best Actor at Cannes last year, Caleb Landry Jones leads Justin Kurzel’s latest drama Nitram, a fictionalization of the lead-up to the real-life devastating mass shooting in Port Arthur, Australia. Now set for a March 30 release from IFC Films, the first trailer as landed as the director has also unveiled his next film. He’ll be directing the sci-fi drama Morning, starring Laura Dern, Noah Jupe, and Benedict Cumberbatch, which is set in a near-future where society has a pill that does away with the need to sleep. With the added help of an artificial sun, there is no end to morning daylight, living and work. However, as a young generation grows up deprived of the world of sleep, they consider rebelling to reclaim their dreams.

Watch the Trailer For NITRAM starring Caleb Landry Jones and Anthony LaPaglia – In Theaters/Digital/AMC+ on March 30th

Caleb Landry Jones, Judy Davis, Essie Davis, and Anthony LaPaglia in NITRAM will be In Theaters, on Digital Rental and AMC+MARCH 30. Directed by Justin Kurzel (TRUE HISTORY OF THE KELLY GANG, SNOWTOWN MURDERS, MACBETH) and written by Shaun Grant (TRUE HISTORY OF THE KELLY GANG, BERLIN SYNDROME), NITRAM stars Caleb Landry Jones (THREE BILLBOARDS OUTSIDE EBBING MISSOURI, GET OUT, HEAVEN KNOWS WHAT), Essie Davis (THE BABADOOK, TRUE HISTORY OF THE KELLY GANG), Oscar Nominee Judy Davis (HUSBANDS AND WIVES, BARTON FINK, NAKED LUNCH), and Anthony LaPaglia (EMPIRE RECORDS, WITHOUT A TRACE).

‘Nitram’ Trailer: Caleb Landry Jones Stunned Cannes in Portrayal of Australia’s Deadliest Mass Shooter

The Port Arthur shooting of 1996 in Tasmania remains Australia’s deadliest incidents committed by a single person. That’s a horrifying piece of history to take on for a movie, but Australian filmmaker Justin Kurzel takes a slanted approach to the material by not showing the actual events, but instead what built to them through the eyes of the perpetrator. In his new film, “Nitram,” Caleb Landry Jones play the protagonist (here named Nitram) in a portrait of a psychopath brewing. Kurzel is naturally the fit for the material, as he has plumbed the depths of the dark side of Australian...

Caleb Landry Jones to Star in Luc Besson’s Comeback Movie ‘DogMan’ (EXCLUSIVE)

Caleb Landry Jones, who won best actor at last year’s Cannes for “Nitram,” is set to play the lead in Luc Besson’s “DogMan.”. Besson (“Lucy,” “Taken”) penned “DogMan” and will direct it, on top of producing via his banner LBP. EuropaCorp, the company founded by Besson and now owned by New York-based Vine Alternative, is co-producing the movie.