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Pride 2021 on Capitol Hill: Virtual celebrations, Cal Anderson clean-up, ‘no cops,’ and late summer and fall events

While one small organizer has stirred up local conservative media with its plans for a march, major Pride organizers including downtown parade producer Seattle Pride, and important Capitol Hill events like the Seattle Dyke March will host virtual, online-only celebrations again in 2021 as the city emerges from months of pandemic restrictions and nears the June 30th state deadline for a full reopening. Celebrations for later in the summer and early fall are also planned on Capitol Hill and across the city.
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Art Mailbox: CHOP-iversary Event Could Come to Cal Anderson This Summer, SIFF 2021 Winnerz, and a New Cold Cube Release

SIFF 2021 is OVER: I hope you all had fun watching along with us. While the fest is mostly good-natured fun, we can't forget that it's also a competition! This year, There Is No Evil and Who We Are: A Chronicle of Racism in America took home the Golden Space Needle Audience Awards for Best Film and Best Documentary, respectively. My Neighbor, Miguel took home the Golden Space Needle Audience Award for Best Short Film while Miwa Nishikawa's Under the Open Sky won the Lena Share Award for Persistence of Vision (in my opinion, the coolest sounding award). Check out the rest of the winners, including the official competition winners, here.
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Two years later, justice moving forward in fatal Cal Anderson shooting

Saturday brought the two-year anniversary of a fatal shooting in Cal Anderson that left a 21-year-old dead after a night of basketball and hanging out on a March evening in the park. While several shootings in recent years across Capitol Hill and the Central District remain unsolved, the suspect in...
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Cal Anderson campers appear to have moved to new park

SEATTLE — Seattle police swept out an encampment at Cal Anderson Park on Dec. 18. Now, just three weeks later, another encampment seems to be growing less than a mile away. Some neighbors worried about this, even as they watched Seattle police clear out Cal Anderson Park last month. Now...

After Cal Anderson sweep, other Capitol Hill park encampments grow

Though outreach efforts moved many campers into shelter in the sweep and clearance of tents and encampments from Cal Anderson just before Christmas, officials acknowledge camps have grown in other parks away from Capitol Hill’s core and tell CHS work to connect people to available facilities continues. Others joined the...

Cal Anderson sweep — Day 3: 11th and Denny gunfire, pre-sweep molotov cocktail attack, sad update in park overdose — UPDATE: ‘Antifa soccer’ arrests

Seattle Police investigated reported gunfire on the edge of Cal Anderson overnight as the clean-up effort is slated to continue following Friday’s sweep of protesters and homeless encampments from the park. Meanwhile, a medical emergency in the park earlier this week had a tragic outcome, police say. According to East...

Cal Anderson sweep — Day 2: Police in the park, outreach update, graffiti removal, and plans for adding ‘ongoing connection to social services’

After a Friday raid and sweep to clear remaining campers and activists and the first day of work in what city officials say will be a weeks-long effort for Seattle Parks to clean and reopen the park, Seattle Police maintained a late night presence in Cal Anderson including a cruiser parked on the Bobby Morris turf. Overnight brought no reports of significant efforts from activists to reenter the space. A large group of protesters was reported in the area.