Bumpy Johnson


Bumpy Johnson is the prefect archetype of a Black anti-hero

“We always look at gangsters like they're not human beings.”- Godfather of Harlem creator Markuann Smith. The 2010s was the decade of the anti-hero. Between 2010 and 2019, Mad Men's Jon Hamm, Breaking Bad's Bryan Cranston, Succession's Brian Cox, Golaith's Billy Bob Thorton, House of Cards's Kevin Spacey, and Boardwalk Empire's Steve Buscemi took home most of the Golden Globe Awards for best actor in a television series drama for portraying protagonists that were actually dicks. Cranston's portrayal of chemistry teacher turned drug kingpin Walter White was the perfect archetype of an anti-hero: a TV protagonist who starts a meth empire for his family's financial future by bending his moral code to condone his heinous actions until he begins identifying with immorality rather than justifying it. As perfect of an anti-hero as Walter White was, he and other popular anti-heroes such as Spacey's authoritarian fourth-wall breaking Frank Underwood aren't good examples of anti-heroes for Black people.
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