Bryan Robson


Bryan Robson: What Manchester United need is an old-school bonding session

When Manchester United play Watford on Saturday afternoon, there is one name every fan of the club would love to see on the teamsheet: Bryan Robson. “He went into battle for the club,” is how Gary Neville puts it in an interview for Robbo, a new documentary film about the career of a man who captained United on more occasions than anyone else. Watching Robson, as he joins in a training session with United’s under-18s at the club’s historic training ground the Cliff, even now he looks as if he might make a better fist of things than some of the current team. And he is 64.
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Golden Goal: Bryan Robson for Manchester United v Wimbledon (1993)

A goal that meant nothing also meant everything, because football is about a lot more than football. Very little gets people as excited as football, a fairly embarrassing admission to make given 200,000 years of human history: a bunch of people kick a ball about, then the rest of us go on like it’s something we’ve done ourselves. Except in a way it is, because our clubs were built by us and form part of us, representing where we’re at and what we believe in. So inasmuch as anything makes sense the extent of our love for them makes sense, and when we talk about football what we’re really talking about is love – love for who we are.