Bryan Man


Bryan Man Sentenced for Involvement in Jewelry Theft Ring

A Bryan man is sentenced to six years in prison after pleading guilty to engaging in organized criminal activity. In January of 2019, 23 year-old Lorenzo Moore and four others stole a diamond ring from the Kay Jewelers in Post Oak Mall. Two days later, Moore was arrested when running from a jewelry store in Webster, which is southeast of Houston.
Brazos County,

Bryan Man Is Booked In The Brazos County Jail For The 48th Time

The 48th time a Bryan man is booked in the Brazos County jail in almost 21 years, it is on charges that includes holding a knife to a family members throat and choking her. According to the Bryan police arrest report, 39 year old Tony Childs Sr. also assaulted an officer and resisted and evaded arrest.

Bryan Man Sentenced In Fulton County For Aggravated Trespass & Criminal Damaging

A Bryan man was sentenced on April 6, 2021, in the Fulton County Common Pleas Court according to county prosecutor Scott A. Haselman. Blake Richards, 24, of 1110 Colonial Lane, previously pleaded guilty to Aggravated Trespass and Criminal Damaging. While causing or creating a substantial physical risk of physical harm to another’s property, he entered the premises of another with the purpose to commit a misdemeanor.

Bryan Man On Probation For Assaulting His Girlfriend Last Year Is Arrested For Shooting Her With A BB Gun

A Bryan man on probation for assaulting his girlfriend last year is arrested on a charge of shooting her with a BB gun last weekend. According to the Bryan police arrest report, the woman was in her car when she was struck by one BB and struck by shattered glass from other pellets. That was after the man hit her in the head and face while she was taking a shower.

Bryan Man Awaiting Trial On Drug Charges Now Accused Of Arson

A Bryan man’s 26th time to be booked in the Brazos County jail in 20 years is on an arson charge. 38 year old Calvin Williams Sr. is accused of setting a pillow on fire on the stove of a Bryan apartment three blocks south of Midtown Park the evening of February 26th.