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What Happened to Bruce Willis?

Nine years ago, Bruce Willis seemed to be primed for a career renaissance. The longtime action star had taken on some unorthodox roles in a pair of offbeat projects that were paying off nicely. Thanks to his turns in acclaimed dramas like Moonrise Kingdom and Looper, it suddenly looked like Willis was entering a new chapter of his career. Perhaps this performer would be transitioning from solely starring in action films and comedies to tackling riskier fare from beloved auteurs as he had occasionally done with supporting turns in films like Pulp Fiction and Nobody’s Fool. Considering how well Willis had done in his 2012 forays in this vein, the future looked bright for the actor.
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Upcoming Bruce Willis Movies: Everything The Die Hard Star Has Coming Up

Reactor - 2021 (Post-Production) First up, we have Reactor. According to Variety, Bruce Willis has signed on for this action thriller. The story follows a former soldier whose goal is to take down a gang that is filled with mercenaries. The leader, played by Willis, has a lust for revenge, which leads to him holding a nuclear power plant hostage.
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Bruce Willis mocked over ‘astonishingly embarrassing’ performance in Megan Fox film

Bruce Willis is being mocked for his “astonishingly embarrassing” performance in the new Megan Fox thriller Midnight in the Switchgrass.Willis stars in the serial killer movie as an FBI agent who teams up with Fox to solve a series of murders in Florida. Despite being top-billed in the film, however, Willis barely appears in it, with critics accusing him of sleepwalking through the part.“It’s astonishingly embarrassing how little effort he puts into the performance,” writes Robert Kodjer at Flickering Myth. “IMDb facts such as ‘Bruce Willis shot all of his scenes in one day’ are starting to become common...
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A brand new Bruce Willis movie you’ve never heard of is dominating Netflix

Bruce Willis may be 66 years old, but the star of the new sci-fi action movie Cosmic Sin is still doing, well, the Bruce Willis thing. His latest release, now streaming on Netflix, finds him once again — what else? Strapping on armor of some kind, shooting up a lot of bad guys, and saving humanity from some existential threat. When it works, it really works (a la something like The Fifth Element). We’ll get into more detail about his newest title below, and whether or not his formula works here or not. But, for now, it’s worth pointing out:...

Review: MIDNIGHT IN THE SWITCHGRASS Starring Megan Fox, Emile Hirsch, Lukas Haas, and Bruce Willis

I got the opportunity to watch the film Midnight in the Switchgrass ahead of its release this week. The film has a great cast that is led by Megan Fox, Emile Hirsch, and Lukas Haas, as well as Bruce Willis. Fox plays an FBI agent who has been sent to Florida to investigate a string of murders alongside her partner, played by Willis. I thought Willis would play a larger role in the film, but he was pretty much there to establish that Fox was sort of a loose cannon, and he then moved on to deal with some personal issues going on in his life. We do see him appear again, but his role is really just peripheral.
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TV presenter AJ Odudu says Bruce Willis behaved ‘appallingly’ during interview

AJ Odudu has criticised Bruce Willis for his “appalling” behaviour during an interview.The TV presenter claimed that the Die Hard star had their interaction destroyed after taking exception to her during a film junket.After starting a conversation about meeting celebrities who turned out to be “a big disappointment” on ITV2 series Celebrity Karaoke Club, Odudu said: “I’ll tell you all: Bruce Willis – absolutely appalling.”“I was interviewing him in a press junket,” she continued: “They give you three minutes, and they vet all your questions – he knows what’s coming.”According to Odudu, Willis “was basically sat there, going...