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Bruce Campbell on His Rule for Sam Raimi Cameos: ‘All I’m There for Is to F*ck with the Lead Guy’

Click here to read the full article. When Marvel announced that Sam Raimi would be directing “Doctor Strange in the Multiverse of Madness,” plenty of film geeks jumped to one conclusion: Bruce Campbell would have a cameo in the film. Raimi and Campbell are somewhat inseparable in pop culture due to their collaborations on the long-running “Evil Dead” franchise, but they remain friends and frequently work on other projects as well. Campbell notably had cameos in all three of Raimi’s Spider-Man films and his blockbuster “Oz the Great and Powerful.” And in a new interview with The Hollywood Reporter, he opened up...
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Bruce Campbell Confuses Doctor Strange Fans With New Social Media Tease

Bruce Campbell has dropped a cryptic teaser that could be a reference to his appearance in Doctor Strange in the Multiverse of Madness. The actor and director Sam Raimi have a long history together, having collaborated in 1979's The Evil Dead. When Raimi helmed Sony's first Spider-Man trilogy, he made sure to secure cameo appearances by Campbell, whether they happened in a wrestling ring, theater, or restaurant. Campbell's Multiverse of Madness cameo came as a street vendor named Pizza Poppa that Doctor Strange and America Chavez met during their multiversal travels. With Doctor Strange 2 dominating at the box office, Bruce Campbell may have teased his fans with an all-new clue.
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Evil Dead Rise: Bruce Campbell Teases New Sequel Is a "Very Adult" Installment

Part of the joy of the Evil Dead franchise is that, while there's always been buckets of blood and unsettling imagery, the series has never shied away from embracing sillier components of the concept, though longtime star of the franchise and producer of Evil Dead Rise Bruce Campbell has pointed out the upcoming installment is a "very adult" take on the material. Given how little we know about the upcoming film, it's not entirely clear what these details mean for the new installment, but it would seem that the series could be tackling more mature subject matter than its predecessors. Evil Dead Rise is expected to hit HBO Max later this year.

Bruce Campbell is shocked his Doctor Strange 2 cameo made the cut

One time, Doctor Strange hexed me to punch myself in the face, so I did… It was awesome. Bruce Campbell’s Doctor Strange 2 cameo was a fun surprise for MCU and Sam Raimi fans alike — but the thriller movie star has said that with all of the Phase 4 movie’s reshoots, he was uncertain if his appearance would even make the cut.

Bruce Campbell hilariously breaks down his Doctor Strange 2 cameo

Bruce Campbell has revealed his thoughts on all his Sam Raimi cameos – including his role in Doctor Strange in the Multiverse of Madness. Campbell starred in the three Evil Dead movies helmed by Raimi, and had brief cameos in the director's Spider-Man trilogy. He most recently appeared in Doctor Strange 2 as Pizza Poppa, who demands to be paid for food taken by America Chavez – and is enchanted by Stephen Strange to continuously hit himself in the face.
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Bruce Campbell Explains His Pizza Poppa Shock and Why He’s Glad ‘Evil Dead: The Game’ Took So Long

[Warning: This story contains spoilers for Doctor Strange in the Multiverse of Madness.]  Bruce Campbell couldn’t believe it, either.More from The Hollywood ReporterBox Office: 'Doctor Strange 2' Snags $61M as 'Firestarter' Flames Out'Doctor Strange 2' Screenwriter Michael Waldron Shares Some Insight Into Film's Most Unbelievable MomentsAbandoned 'Fantastic Four' Film Star Alex Hyde-White Talks Cherished Legacy and New "Force to Be Reckoned With" Reed Richards Actor Not only did the iconic actor land another cameo in his pal Sam Raimi’s Doctor Strange in the Multiverse of Madness, he was even bestowed the final end-credits scene. Not too shabby. The Evil Dead star found himself...

A Brief History of Sam Raimi Torturing Bruce Campbell, From ‘Evil Dead’ to Pizza Poppa

Doctor Strange in the Multiverse of Madness features some of the most exciting cameos in the Marvel Cinematic Universe to date. However, horror fans in particular may have found Bruce Campbell’s appearance as the multiversal “Pizza Poppa” to be one of the most rewarding. Even if Campbell hadn’t been teasing his appearance for a while on social media, it would have felt odd if he wasn’t in the film. Sam Raimi and Campbell have a recurring onscreen partnership that they’ve maintained for over four decades. Why wouldn’t Campbell pop up in Raimi’s first film project in almost a decade?

Doctor Strange 2: Bruce Campbell Finally Addresses Hilarious Cameo

Doctor Strange in the Multiverse of Madness is finally out and fans are loving the latest Marvel Cinematic Universe sequel. After all, the film is filled with a lot of awesome cameos. However, the best one might be Bruce Campbell's hilarious appearance. Now, the Evil Dead star has addressed his small yet memorable role in the movie!

If You Believe Bruce Campbell, Doctor Strange 2 Has Been Chaotic To Make

Every day that passes brings us ever closer to the premiere of "Doctor Strange in the Multiverse of Madness," the superhero movie sequel that pretty much every invested fan has been eagerly looking forward to for years. The blockbuster promises to throw open the doors of the Marvel Cinematic Universe even wider, introducing more multiverse-related chaos, thrilling action sequences with some pretty gnarly new monsters ripped straight out of the pages of Marvel Comics, and appearances by new and returning characters alike — hopefully including a few, ah, outside-the-box choices, too.