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10 Brooks Robinson stats you have to see

Before Mike Schmidt, Adrián Beltré and Nolan Arenado, there was Brooks Robinson. The man who became known as the “Human Vacuum Cleaner,” Robinson played third base like a maestro. And he did it year after year, for more than two decades spent entirely in Baltimore. Still rightfully regarded as one of the best defensive players in baseball history -- at any position -- Robinson set a standard at the hot corner that will be followed for years to come.
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Brooks Robinson Part II, Little Rock to Cooperstown

Brooks Robinson is an ordinary-looking man who might have worked in a bank or sold cars but instead played a third base that defied logic and all physical laws. Like if Tom Hanks played basketball like Michael Jordan. The most amazing thing about him is that after about 30 years of living in his hometown, among people who know and have had dealings with him, I’ve never met anyone with a qualm or doubt about Mr. Robinson’s authenticity or generosity. He seems to me a living Boy’s Life cover, the epitome of decency and hero of our country. – Philip Martin, Arkansas Democrat-Gazette.
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Top 50 Orioles of All Time: #2, Brooks Robinson

There’s an old saying that goes, “You should never meet your heroes, because they’re bound to disappoint you.”. Whoever coined that saying has never heard of Brooks Robinson. It’s hard to believe that a person could be one of the most talented baseball players in the history of the game...