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United Way of Lebanon County CEO Brooke Smith resigns

Brooke Smith, United Way of Lebanon County’s chief executive officer for almost two years, has announced her resignation from the nonprofit community agency, effective July 16. She has accepted a full-time community relations position with UGI Utilities. Smith leaves following the completion of a successful $1.2 million 2020-21 fundraising campaign,...
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Brooke Smith, Considered

The star of ABC’s Big Sky is financing her own Emmy campaign—using the lessons learned from her P.R. maven mother and 30 years in an industry that may finally be ready to give her her due. Brooke Smith zooms in from her Van Nuys home—“a rental,” she’s quick to clarify....

Big Sky's Brooke Smith is financing her own Emmy campaign

"She wants to get the word out for her performance in David E. Kelley’s ABC crime-drama Big Sky, and the odds are stacked against her," Dave Canfield says of the actress. "She says she cannot afford a publicist, and the Emmy FYC ads can run upward of five figures. Because she was billed a guest star, she lacks the backing of Big Sky’s studio, 20th Television, despite netting strong reviews and appearing in more episodes than some series regulars. With decades of similarly unsung appearances in award-winning programs behind her, Smith is finally asking for our consideration. She’s proud of her work. It helps that the work is worthy."

Why Brooke Smith is handling her own Emmy campaign for ‘Big Sky’

Brooke Smith, who’s done big stuff — “Grey’s Anatomy,” “Bates Motel,” “The Silence of the Lambs” — has launched her own Best Supporting Emmy campaign. She plays integral Merrilee Legarski, wife of psycho nuts sheriff (actor John Carroll Lynch) on David Kelley’s ABC chiller “Big Sky.”. So why’s Brooke submitting...

“Silence of the Lambs,” “Grey’s Anatomy” Star Brooke Smith Starting Her Own Emmy Campaign for Her Work on “Big Sky”

I am totally down with this. Brooke Smith was so good on “Big Sky” this season, she’s starting her do-it-yourself Emmy campaign. You know Brooke from “Greys Anatomy” and “Silence of the Lambs,” among dozens of credits. She was a standout on “Big Sky” as Merilee Legarski, wife of the murderous psycho crazy sheriff played by John Carroll Lloyd.

Brooke Smith Appointed Assistant City Manager for University City

April 16, 2021, University City – City Manager Gregory Rose has appointed Brooke Smith, Esq., as Assistant City Manager, effective May 24, 2021. With a career dedicated to municipal government administration, she will assist Rose on a full range of housing, infrastructure, and development projects. She will be one of two Assistant City Managers reporting to Rose.
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Brooke Smith teaches women ‘embodied mindfulness’ for true productivity

Brooke Smith struggled with bulimia and disordered eating for nearly two decades, beginning as a teenager, before finding her refuge. “When I was recovering in my early 30s and discovering intuitive eating, I realized that I had wasted almost two decades trying to control my body,” Smith recalled. “And all of the effort that I was ...
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The Silence of the Lambs: Brooke Smith on Surviving Buffalo Bill

Brooke Smith has enjoyed a career spanning more than three decades across the big and small screen. She’s starred in the cult classic Series 7: The Contenders, had roles in blockbusters including Interstellar and featured prominently on Grey’s Anatomy, Ray Donovan, and Bates Motel to name but a few. Yet...