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Where is Brooke Baldwin on CNN New Year’s Eve? Did she leave CNN?

Where is Brooke Baldwin during tonight’s CNN New Year’s Eve broadcast? Her absence may come as a surprise to some. Yet, if you have been watching the network’s annual broadcast for some time, then you may be familiar already with the fact that Brooke would be missing in action. After all, the news anchor announced her departure earlier this year, with her final appearance happening this past April. She said at the time that there were a number of other things she was excited to explore, though she also has levied some criticism at the network over a lack of diverse voices and being dominated by men, especially at the top-end executive level. (If you didn’t see her farewell message, you can watch it below.)
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Former CNN anchor Brooke Baldwin says network should give Chris Cuomo’s primetime slot to a woman

Former CNN anchor Brooke Baldwin has called on the network to give Chris Cuomo’s slot to a woman following his firing.CNN cut ties with Chris Cuomo over the weekend. The anchor was accused of breaching journalistic ethics by relying on his sources to assist his brother, then-New York governor Andrew Cuomo, in fending off sexual harassment allegations.After initially suspending Chris Cuomo, CNN announced his firing, stating in part: “While in the process of that review, additional information has come to light. Despite the termination, we will investigate as appropriate.” The New York Times later reported that Chris Cuomo ...
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‘CNN Prime Time Has Been Dominated by Male Hosts’: Brooke Baldwin Says Network Should Replace Chris Cuomo with a Woman

Former CNN anchor Brooke Baldwin says the network should replace Chris Cuomo with a woman in its coveted 9 p.m. time slot. CNN fired the eponymous host of Cuomo Prime Time on Saturday days after the network said it was suspending him indefinitely. Cuomo had faced months of ethics-related criticism after it was revealed in May that he participated in strategy sessions with the team of his brother, then-Gov. Andrew Cuomo (D-NY). The governor had been accused by numerous women of sexual misconduct, and the CNN host was assisting his brother on how to handle the claims. The governor eventually resigned over the allegations.

Brooke Baldwin: How female leaders are ending the tyranny of the résumé

Our mission to make business better is fueled by readers like you. To enjoy unlimited access to our journalism, subscribe today. Across various industries, women CEOs and bosses are hacking the traditional hiring process. For these trailblazers, the reign of the résumé is over. “When I hire someone, I don’t...
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A crop of new congresswomen talk to Brooke Baldwin on succeeding in male-dominated fields

I made my way to Capitol Hill in the spring of 2019, after the midterm elections when an unprecedented large crop of women had been elected. The weather was unseasonably warm, and my Lyft driver made small talk about the fact that it was the peak time to see cherry blossoms. I had arranged to meet with a group of newly elected congresswomen: Elaine Luria, Abigail Spanberger, Chrissy Houlahan, Elissa Slotkin, and Mikie Sherrill. They were far outnumbered by the men in Congress, but this huddle of women had years of practice being the minority gender, because they’d all had former careers in the military or CIA. Their schedules that week were so tight that we had to meet at 9:30 p.m. after they’d spent a full day in session.
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Brooke Baldwin Was Emotional As She Signed Off From CNN For the Final Time

Brooke Baldwin signed off from CNN for the last time on Friday. After more than a decade as an anchor for CNN Newsroom with Brook Baldwin, she's departing the cable news world. In her final segment, she got emotional and pushed for more diverse voices in journalism, both on the ground and at the executive level.

Brooke Baldwin Says She's 'Filled with Emotion and Gratitude' as She Wraps Up 13-Year Run at CNN

Brooke Baldwin has bid farewell to CNN after 13 years with the network. The broadcast journalist aired her final iteration of CNN Newsroom with Brooke Baldwin on Friday afternoon, focusing her coverage on the recent mass shooting in Indianapolis, the death of 13-year-old Adam Toledo at the hands of Chicago police and the ongoing trial of Derek Chauvin, the police officer charged with murdering George Floyd last year.

Brooke Baldwin Bids Adieu to CNN

The end of the 3 p.m. hour of CNN Newsroom was dedicated to Baldwin’s 10+ years at CNN. Following a video montage of her career, an emotional Baldwin told the audience that the show was not originally supposed to be hers, and rather she was filling in for a week until a new anchor was found.

Brooke Baldwin had an emotional goodbye to CNN after 13 years

"Let me let you in on a little secret: This job, my show here on CNN, was not originally supposed to be mine," she said on her final day on CNN Newsroom. "More than a decade ago, there was an anchor who suddenly departed CNN, leaving this gaping hole in the afternoons, and the then-bosses quickly turned to me. They were like, 'Brooke, we're going to need you to keep this seat warm, just for a week until we actually find the person who will take over the show.'"

Brooke Baldwin talks new book ‘Huddle: How Women Unlock Their Creative Power’

NEW YORK — Brooke Baldwin is putting the career of a lifetime behind her and starting a new journey involving the power women can possess when they join forces. The longtime CNN Anchor and author of the new book “Huddle: How Women Unlock Their Creative Power,” spoke to PIX11 News about her decision to leave CNN and what inspired her to write her book.

The Fine Art Of Sending A Cold Email, According To Brooke Baldwin

In Bustle's Quick Question, we ask leaders all about advice. This week, CNN’s Brooke Baldwin shares lessons from her 13-year run at the network. On the morning of Jan. 20, 2017, Brooke Baldwin was balancing on the flatbed of a moving pickup truck, reporting live from President Trump’s Inauguration Day motorcade in Washington, D.C. Surrounded by tourists wearing red MAGA caps, Baldwin thought, “My God, this guy bragged on tape about where he likes to grab women.” Less than 24 hours later, she was reporting from the middle of the Women’s March, on the same streets, alongside nearly half a million people. The protest confirmed a “spidey-sense” she’d developed while covering the 2016 election: Women were organizing, whether in Facebook groups, boardrooms, or yes, campaign field offices. They were foregoing competition in favor of collaboration, and seeing results.
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Journalist Brooke Baldwin wants women to act on their collective power – Here's how

On the day of former President Donald Trump’s inauguration in 2017, CNN news anchor Brooke Baldwin found herself in a front-row seat to history. “I was in the presidential motorcade, balancing on the back of this flatbed truck, as newly-elected President Trump's winding his way down Constitution Avenue and going to the White House for the first time,” Baldwin recalled in a “Morning Joe” interview Friday with co-host Mika Brzezinski. “And listen, I'll just be real with you: It was only very recent to that date when we learned where President Trump liked to grab women. And as a woman, as a journalist, I was standing there and I was troubled. I didn't know what the next four years was going to look like.”

Brooke Baldwin on the Remarkable Power of the Female ‘Huddle’

As a journalist during the last two decades, I’ve had the privilege of meeting presidents and interviewing first ladies, members of Congress, scientists, teachers, nurses, astronauts, actors, rock stars and ordinary Americans in extraordinary circumstances – from surviving mass shootings to hurricanes to COVID-19. But the women I’ve interviewed these last two years for my book (Huddle: How Women Unlock Their Collective Power) have changed my life in a way I wasn’t expecting.