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Spencer Pratt Prods Brody Jenner About His Connection with Audrina Patridge in The Hills Clip

On The Hills: New Beginnings, Spencer Pratt is getting to the bottom of things between Brody Jenner and Audrina Patridge. In PEOPLE's exclusive look at Wednesday's episode, Spencer begins by asking Brody about his split from Amber Davis. "I came to see you, hear about your breakup and, you know, check in," Spencer, 37, says before clarifying that it's "not [a] breakup" since Brody was never officially dating Amber.
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Questlove, Brody Jenner Slated for Gatsby’s Cocktail Lounge Grand Opening

Welcome to Gatsby’s Cocktail Lounge, a Clique Hospitality project, an upscale escape with a cache of vintage and rare champagnes, vivid artisanal cocktails and aromatic wines will open its doors on Thursday, June 24 in conjunction with the debut of Resorts World Las Vegas. To celebrate their highly-anticipated grand opening,...
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‘The Hills’ Preview: Heidi Montag Blasts Brody Jenner As An ‘A**hole’ During A ‘Drunk’ Argument

Brody Jenner claps back at Heidi Montag in this EXCLUSIVE sneak peek at the June 2 episode of ‘The Hills: New Beginnings’. Does Brody Jenner try to “control” his girlfriend, Amber‘s, drinking? That’s what Heidi Montag and Audrina Patridge hinted at during last week’s episode of The Hills: New Beginnings, and when this week’s June 2 episode picks up, Brody will be lashing out at them for saying such a thing.
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DailyMailTV EXCLUSIVE: Kristin Cavallari touts 'confidence' as the secret to true beauty with her new clean skincare line... after denying THAT kiss with Brody Jenner

After over a decade in front of the camera, Kristin Cavallari has learned the dos and donts of the beauty biz. The 34-year-old reality star is putting her knowledge to work with the creation of her new clean skincare line, Uncommon Beauty, which she exclusively chatted about with DailyMailTV senior correspondent Alicia Quarles.
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The Truth About Brody Jenner And Audrina Patridge's Relationship

When it comes to Brody Jenner and Audrina Patridge's relationship, the rest is still unwritten. Well, sort of. Fans of the MTV reality show "The Hills" might remember an episode in season 5 of the original series, which aired from 2006-2010, where Brody slept in bed with Audrina on a trip to Hawaii. In the episode, Audrina revealed that she'd always had a little crush on the former "Princes of Malibu" star, and Brody admitted to his group of friends that he'd cheated on then-girlfriend Jade. Naturally, drama ensued in the episodes that followed.
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'The Hills: New Beginnings Season 2 Full Cast List: Meet Brody Jenner, Heidi Montag and rest of the stars of MTV show

Back in the day, MTV's hit reality show 'The Hills' revived around the lives of a few wealthy 20-somethings as they tried to balance their personal and professional lives while chasing their dreams in Los Angeles. The stars of the show — Brody Jenner, Kristin Cavallari, Audrina Patridge, Heidi Montag and Spencer Pratt might no longer be in their 20s, but that doesn't mean that their life is free of drama.
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Brody Jenner Teases Kristin Cavallari’s Return To ‘The Hills’: Her ‘Energy’s Unlike Anybody Else’s’

Kristin Cavallari made a dramatic return to ‘The Hills’ this season and her co-star Brody Jenner was thrilled to reunite on-screen with his ex. Kristin Cavallari , 34, is bringing her signature style to The Hills: New Beginnings this season — at least for one episode. The Very Cavallari star, who rose to fame in 2004 on the MTV reality show Laguna Beach before starring on the original version of The Hills, is guest starring on the second season of the reboot.

Kristin Cavallari denies kissing Brody Jenner and slams Spencer Pratt

Kristin Cavallari has denied kissing her ex Brody Jenner during a guest appearance on The Hills: New Beginnings in an exclusive interview with DailyMailTV. The reality TV star and mother-of-three - who is releasing a new skincare line called Uncommon Beauty - also slammed Spencer Pratt for starting the rumor, claiming he 'straight up lied'.
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Kristin Cavallari Slams Spencer Pratt for Saying She Kissed Brody Jenner: He ‘Straight Up Lied’

Not so fast! Kristin Cavallari snapped back after Spencer Pratt told Us Weekly she kissed Brody Jenner, noting that her former cast member was making up rumors. “I didn’t kiss Brody and I hope fans are not tuning in thinking they are going to see that because they are going to be sorely disappointed,” the Very Cavallari alum, 34, told The Daily Mail on Tuesday, May 11. “Spencer’s doing what he does best, creating some drama which I could have guessed was going to happen. … [He] straight up lied.”