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Brian Williams airs the political ad Fox News would not

Fox News decided not to show the political ad created by MeidasTouch despite the $185,000 the activist group offered. It's understandable though, the ad features truth about the January 6th Capitol riot, showing interviews with law enforcement who were there that day and calls out the GOP lawmakers who voted against the creation of a commission to fully examine how this happened to our country. So, Fox News, not wanting to share that information on their network, even in the interest of capitalism and making a buck, is at least consistent. Why side with facts when the alternative they have been feeding their viewers has been working so well, and been so profitable, since the 90's?

Brian Williams Trolls Fox News By Showing Capitol Riot Ad It Rejected

The liberal political action committee MeidasTouch said Fox News rejected its ad denouncing the Jan. 6 Capitol riot, so it encouraged people to retweet the commercial. Brian Williams and MSNBC went one better on Monday, showing the spot for free to his viewers and sprinkling in some commentary. (See the video below.)
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Brian Williams mocks Fox News by showing advert the right-wing network rejected

After being rejected by Fox News, a liberal political action committee's advertisement calling Republicans "traitors" and showing violent images from the Capitol riot found a home on MSNBC. The PAC, MeidasTouch, said Fox News rejected their ad despite having run other ads of theirs in the past. The group shared their ad on social media, calling attention to the network's apparent unwillingness to run an ad that criticised Republicans. On Monday, MSNBC's Brian Williams aired the ad for free during his evening program. “It’s about the attempt to overturn our election – the insurrection of 1-6 – and the story...

MSNBC’s Brian Williams Airs Ad About Capitol Riot That Fox News Rejected

MSNBC’s Brian Williams on Monday night showed an ad about the Jan. 6 Capitol riot that he and the ad’s creators said Fox News refused to air. The “11th Hour” host transparently told his viewers that MeidasTouch, which created the ad, is “a liberal political action committee” and “ardently anti-Trump” before pointing to a Sunday tweet from the organization which read, “We made a $184,854 TV buy with this ad on Fox News this week. Fox News just denied airing our ad. Retweet and get it out in every corner of the country.”

Outrageous: Brian Williams Pushes AdLikening Antifa Terrorists to American Patriots

On Friday night, MSNBC host Brian Williams collaborated with the Lincoln Project in giving free publicity to the far-left Antifa terrorist group by shamelessly exploiting the Normandy invasion that was pivotal to defeating the Nazis in Europe. Williams -- who still has not informed viewers of the Lincoln Project's ethical problems -- concluded the show by showing the group's new ad lauding Antifa members, likening them to World War II patriots.Setting up the ad, the MSNBC host recalled:(Video) Last thing before we go tonight. An important anniversary coming up this weekend.

Brian Williams: ‘Mike Pence Is Perfectly Willing To Be The Conductor Of The Trump Train’

MSNBC’s Brian Williams said Thursday night that former Vice President Mike Pence—who spoke earlier in the evening in New Hampshire—is “perfectly willing to be the conductor of the Trump Train,” despite being targeted by rioting Trump supporters who attacked the U.S. Capitol on January 6. “This was his chance to draw a little distance with Trump, but no, he’s just a boy standing in front of New Hampshire, asking them to love him,” Williams said on The 11th Hour.
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Ted Cruz knocks MSNBC's Brian Williams over 'Kremlin Cruz' label

Sen. Ted Cruz (R-Texas) tore into journalist Brian Williams after the MSNBC anchor dubbed the lawmaker "Kremlin Cruz" during a segment last week. The dustup came after Cruz criticized a video put out by the Pentagon telling the story of a recruit who marched for marriage equality before joining the armed forces. The senator called it "woke" and "emasculating" to the U.S. military, and shared his comment along with a Russian propaganda video depicting members of its military as strong and masculine.

Cruz slams 'pitiful' Brian Williams for 'Kremlin Cruz' moniker

Sen. Ted Cruz is returning fire, calling Brian Williams "pitiful" after the MSNBC anchor dubbed him "Kremlin Cruz." In a six-part Twitter thread , Cruz shot back at Williams, whom he called a "pitiful example of corrupt corporate media," saying his accusation that Cruz promoted Russian propaganda was flawed for three reasons.
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MSNBC's Brian Williams suggests Sen. Ron Johnson is a 'witting or unwitting asset of Russia'

MSNBC anchor Brian Williams baselessly suggested that Sen. Ron Johnson, R-Wisc., is a Russian asset over his views of the coronavirus vaccine. Johnson, who was diagnosed with the virus back in October, appeared on "Tucker Carlson Tonight" and expressed his own personal hesitancy to get the vaccine while also asserting that since he was already sick with the virus that he should now be immune.