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Brian Kilmeade shows the domestic problems that get Biden 'canceled'

"One Nation" host Brian Kilmeade explained the economic problems that get President Biden "canceled" in Saturday's opening monologue. BRIAN KILMEADE: You spend your time focusing on green energy instead of your own energy in producing American oil and gas. Instead, you sell our soul to Venezuela. Yeah. And you have them drill it — dirty oil. In some parts of the country, gas is $6 a gallon and rising. Mr. President, that doesn't get you lefty votes; that gets you canceled. It gets families' vacation[s] canceled. It gets maxed-out family budgets canceled. Interest rates are rising, keeping middle-class families from — and working-class families, for that matter — from their first home or buying a new home. So, what's his plan to fix this mess? Brace yourself. He wants to go after the real problem: success. By claiming big business is price-gouging. He wants to target billionaires as cheaters because they are the problem, right? Of course not. But this time they are fighting back, to their credit. Even those who are typically cool with the Democratic Party like Elon Musk.
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‘Fox And Friends’ Co-Host Ainsley Earhardt Isn’t Here For Brian Kilmeade Immediately Pouncing On The New Press Secretary

Fox and Friends is, without a doubt, most interesting when the co-hosts clash, and this generally involves Brian Kilmeade being the most combative of all. Last time this happened, the Chris Columbus superfan ruffled feathers by suggesting that pregnant women shouldn’t be hired to do “important” jobs, and now, he’s being dressed down again by Ainsley Earhardt.
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Brian Kilmeade: Biden lacks all the qualities of a strong president

--- We are in an economic crisis. Inflation is out of control. Home prices are skyrocketing. Gas prices are at an all-time high. Moms are having trouble finding baby formula. And if you're wondering who's responsible for this mess, you probably shouldn't ask President Biden because he is too busy deflecting blame instead of dissecting the problem, formulating a plan, and rallying the nation around that plan. You've got true leaders. They showed a responsibility in times of trouble. They do not blame. You want an example, look at another Democrat, President Harry Truman. He popularized the famous phrase, "the buck stops here," because with him in the Oval Office, it did.

Abortion protests at churches is ’the Democratic Party in a nutshell,' author tells Brian Kilmeade

Author Batya Ungar-Sargon said Wednesday pro-choice protests are showing the Democratic Party in a nutshell, specifically demonstrators showing up at churches last Sunday. "If you want to understand the Democratic Party right now, you could not have asked for a better image than a bunch of overeducated, White, radical, liberal young women invading a Hispanic church and screaming at people who are at prayer," the Newsweek deputy opinion editor told "The Brian Kilmeade Show."

Things Got Awkward On ‘Fox And Friends’ After Brian Kilmeade Questioned Why Pregnant Women Should Be Hired

Five Supreme Court justices and the far-right believe that women should be barred from abortions, and to add to that awful look, Brian Kilmeade dropped his own take on pregnant women holding down jobs. Never mind that women must work to support their unwanted pregnancies after being forced to carry them to term, but that’s perhaps beside the Fox and Friends point.

Brian Kilmeade: Democrats are letting the most aggressive criminals run free

Fox News host Brian Kilmeade weighed in on the U.S. crime spike on "Jesse Watters Primetime," criticizing Democrats for "putting criminals back on the streets." BRIAN KILMEADE: America's coming out of a bloody Easter weekend where cities across the country were rocked by mass shootings and street violence. While Democrats are proving once again that they are more than willing to just let crime run rampant through their cities, a shooting out-of-control in South Carolina, for example, at a mall Saturday, 14 injured, nine of them with gunshot wounds. The shooter, 22-year-old. His name was Jewayne Price.