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Brian De Palma grilled George Lucas after first Star Wars screening

Any director is likely to watch their own movie about 100 times before showing it to the general public, so it makes sense that George Lucas would have wanted to show Star Wars to some of his filmmaking buddies to get some fresh eyes on the ’70s sci-fi movie. But, legendary director Brian De Palma gave Lucas quite the grilling after seeing the cut, with some very honest feedback about the ways of The Force.
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The 15 Best Set Pieces In Brian De Palma Films

Brian De Palma is the undisputed king of the cinematic set piece. He's a technical genius when it comes to filmmaking, and while he's not maintained the consistency of some of his contemporaries, he has proven to be an important influence on later directors including Quentin Tarantino, Terrence Malick, and Noah Baumbach among others. He also has an innate sense of cinematic storytelling, using his technical ability to communicate meaning through the use of creative camerawork and editing.
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Brian De Palma – Master Of Suspense

The great Brian De Palma was born on 11 September 1940. He has always been a director that defies convention. He’s an outsider that managed to get into the Hollywood system and subvert it. In the early days his love of the thriller led to him being accused of ‘borrowing liberally’ from Alfred Hitchcock. However, this ‘Hitchmock’ label is pretty unfair – sure he’s a masterful thriller director, but he has also dabbled in many other genres, delivering some pretty great films in the process.

Why Brian De Palma Has No Regrets About His Now-Infamous Criticism Of Star Wars’ Opening

CinemaBlend participates in affiliate programs with various companies. We may earn a commission when you click on or make purchases via links. While there may be endless debate about which parts of the Star Wars franchise are best and which parts are maybe not, there is widespread agreement that Star Wars is on the whole pretty awesome, and that George Lucas' original movie that started it all is one of the most important and influential films ever made. Nearly everybody loves the original Star Wars, but director Brian De Palma was famously critical of the film when he first saw it, and even 40 years later he's not backing down.

On the 40th anniversary of 'Blow Out,' dive into the 7 best films of Brian de Palma

This week marks the 40th anniversary of my favorite movie, so of course I'm taking the opportunity to write about its director, Brian De Palma. "Blow Out" earned decent reviews when it was released on July 24, 1981, but wasn't a hit, particularly when you consider that leading man John Travolta was just about the biggest movie star on the planet. His "Grease" audience apparently didn't want to see him in an adult drama with a bummer of an ending. Also, the movie's borrowings from "Blow-Up," the Watergate and Chappaquiddick scandals and the Zapruder film didn't sit well with 1981 audiences, who were ready to move on from all that stuff. But De Palma's thriller is now seen as one of the underrated films of the time.

Brian De Palma: ‘I Was Terribly Wrong’ Mocking The Force After First ‘Star Wars’ Screening

The first screening of “Star Wars” is the stuff of Hollywood legend. George Lucas showed an unfinished version of his space opera to friends and fellow filmmakers Steven Spielberg and Brian De Palma, but it’s been reported over the years that Spielberg was the only attendee who appreciated Lucas’ vision. De Palma recently appeared on the “Light the Fuse” podcast and refuted the claim that Spielberg was the only fan in the room.

Brian De Palma Is Ready To Refute Steven Spielberg’s Story About The First ‘Star Wars’ Screening

According to Star Wars legend, George Lucas invited his filmmaking buddies to his house to watch an early cut of the classic film that would go on to spawn a multi-billionaire franchise and a merchandising juggernaut. Among that group was longtime Lucas buddy Steven Spielberg, as well as Francis Ford Coppola and Brian De Palma. As the story goes, only Spielberg got what was Lucas trying to accomplish, a throwback to old Buck Rogers serials with a dash of Akira Kurosawa’s samurai films. Over the years, Spielberg also told people that De Palma was particularly critical, and now, De Palma is finally setting the record straight.

Brian De Palma, Acclaimed Movie Director, Friends Central Lifer

Before he directed “a few movies,” Brian De Palma spent some time at Friends Central School on City Avenue. Actually, De Palma spent a lot of time at Friends Central. He started First Grade there in 1946, and graduated from Friends Central in 1958.

Brian De Palma Says George Lucas’ Advice Completely Changed The ‘Mission: Impossible’ Opening Scene

When you think of George Lucas, you automatically probably imagine “Star Wars,” right? Maybe, you think of the “Indiana Jones” franchise because he has been instrumental in the construction of those films, serving as a writer and producer. But we tend to forget that Lucas was part of a group of young filmmakers in the ‘70s that were all friends and became incredibly influential in the industry. One of those folks that Lucas is friends with is none other than Brian De Palma. And without the friendship of Lucas and De Palma, one of the latter’s biggest films, “Mission: Impossible,” would have looked really different.

'Mission: Impossible's Opening Scene Was Changed After a Note From George Lucas, Reveals Brian De Palma

The Mission: Impossible franchise is largely agreed to be one of the best and most successful franchises running right now, and a great degree of its longevity is owed to how director Brian De Palma laid the foundation with the very first movie in 1996. But as it turns out, the Mission: Impossible that we now know and love was not always the Mission: Impossible that existed, as a very astute note from filmmaker George Lucas inspired De Palma to go back and reshoot the opening scene of the movie.

12 Best Brian De Palma Movies: An Intro to the Director's Stylized, Provocative Pictures

Sometimes, recommending a "classic filmmaker" feels a little like recommending vegetables. In an age when free time is sparse and real life is full of inherent struggle, why use the precious moments we have to watch movies that require mental taxation, sitting through slogs, or reckoning with works wholly unconcerned with basic entertainment?