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Solar geoengineering might work, but local temperatures could keep rising for years

By Patrick W. Keys, Curtis Bell, Elizabeth A. Barnes, James W. Hurrell and Noah Diffenbaugh, The Conversation. Imagine a future where, despite efforts to reduce greenhouse gas emissions quickly, parts of the world have become unbearably hot. Some governments might decide to "geoengineer" the planet by spraying substances into the upper atmosphere to form fine reflective aerosols—a process known as stratospheric aerosol injection.
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SSDs could be as cheap as HDDs in time for Black Friday

Back in the heady days of late 2021, your average 1TB SATA SSD would cost you somewhere north of $400. Sure, you could grab a 6GB/s HDD with 1TB of space for around $50, but in the world of computing, you get what you pay for. Then came 2022 and suddenly SSD prices are dropping.
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Kodak Black Pays Rent for 28 Families on the Verge of Eviction

Kodak Black just made a big difference in a lot of people’s lives. To save a total of 28 families from almost certain eviction, the rapper announced on his Instagram Story that he’d paid off several months worth of their rent to make sure they were each secure in their homes through the end of this year.

Red Flags: 5 college football teams on upset alert in Week 5

Oklahoma, Miami and Texas suffered brutal upsets last week while USC and Michigan got real scares. Now, it’s time for our Week 5 college football upset picks. Through the first four weeks of the 2022 college football season, it’s felt like one week off, one week on when it comes to upsets. Weeks 1 and 3 were all but wholly tame in terms of the results but Weeks 2 and 4 brought a multitude of chaos, most recently with Oklahoma getting downed by Kansas State, Miami being stunned by Middle Tennessee State, and Texas falling to Texas Tech.

In Search Of Recession-Proof Stocks? Here Are Some Places To Look As A Recession Nears

There’s been talk about the possibility of a recession for much of this year, but the number of potential signals continues to rise, ratcheting up pressure on the recession debate. In fact, hedge fund legend Stanley Druckenmiller is warning of a hard landing next year with the possibility of a deeper recession than most expect.

County to study developing 'climate adaptation center' at SDC site

X-ray exam room at the shuttered hospital at SDC photo credit: Marc Albert/KRCB There's a new subplot in the on-going drama over re-use of the Sonoma Developmental Center, the shuttered state facility for the developmentally challenged in the Sonoma Valley.        County officials say it won't impact the timeline. A final Environmental Impact Report and Specific Plan are still due by December thirty first, but officials will have another year to study devoting part of the roughly one-thousand acre campus as a 'climate adaptation center.'    Last week the state Coastal Conservancy's board of directors approved a quarter million...

Where to Find The Best Online Nutritionists

Nutrition can be confusing. We're never taught much actual useful info about it. We're bombarded with marketing for restrictive diets/fasts. We are navigating a world where eating disorders are prevalent, and over 10% of households do not have consistent access to food. Many people struggle with chronic illnesses and food sensitivities that make food choices more complicated. Therefore, it might make sense to get help from a professional who has the training to provide nutrition education.
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Iran 'Throttling' Internet To Limit Protest Footage: Activists

Iran is imposing increasingly severe restrictions on access to the internet, albeit still short of a total shutdown, in an apparent bid to limit the sharing of footage of protests which have erupted nationwide, activists charge. Campaigners and Persian-language television channels outside Iran have noted a reduction in the posting...

Eero Wants to Turn Your Old Echo Dot Into a Mesh Wi-Fi Extender

There are already countless Echo and Echo Dot smart speakers scattered throughout Alexa-enabled smart homes. Now, the Amazon-owned mesh networking brand Eero, wants to put those speakers to use as mesh Wi-Fi extenders. Announced amid a flurry of new products at Amazon's fall hardware and services event, the feature is...

Obituary: J. Brian Sheehan

J. Brian Sheehan, of Bloomfield, died on Sept. 4, 2022. He was 73. Mr. Sheehan was born in Boston in 1948 to Elizabeth Nagle and Dr. John C. Sheehan. He attended Yale University, where he was admitted into a selective five-year program in the African studies department. As part of that program, he lived for a year in Mongu, Zambia, where he taught English at St. John’s College.

Santa Train will ride the rails again

After the pandemic forced Santa Train to hold a drive-thru event the past two years, Saint Nick’s annual trip down the rails is back on track. CSX previously announced that this year’s Santa Train would also be a drive-thru event, not because of the pandemic this time, but due to staff shortages. However, with improvements in staffing and support from the community, organizers announced Tuesday the Santa Train will be returning to the rails.

New Lincoln Youth Complex To Feature Baseball/Softball Fields

LINCOLN–(KFOR Sept. 28)–Youth sports continue to be a big business and Lincoln has stepped up its game by unveiling plans for a new complex of eight baseball and softball fields to be built just north of Oak Lake on the southeast corner of 1st and Cornhusker Highway. The...

Meet & Greet Rally Hosted For Mike Collier, Democratic Candidate For Lt. Governor

A meet and greet rally was hosted Tuesday at Sulphur Springs Country Club for Mike Collier, Democratic candidate for lieutenant governor. Democrats from Hopkins and surrounding counties attended, including Wood, Hunt, Lamar, Titus, Rains and Rockwall counties. One woman from Hunt County brought to the Sept. 27, 2022 rally a...
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Smith & Wesson sued over link to July 4 parade mass shooting

CHICAGO (AP) — The gun-maker Smith & Wesson illegally targeted young men at risk of violence with ads for firearms — including the 22-year-old gunman accused of opening fire on an Independence Day parade in suburban Chicago and killing seven people, according to several lawsuits filed Wednesday in Illinois.