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FBI says man accused of attempting to kill Brett Kavanaugh said he was 'shooting for 3' justices

(CNN) -- In the weeks before traveling to the Washington, DC area, the man accused of attempting to murder Supreme Court Justice Brett Kavanaugh researched how to assassinate individuals and said he would be "shooting for 3" justices, according to a search warrant application from the FBI.Nicholas Roske, who prosecutors say traveled to Kavanaugh's home with a pistol, extra ammunition, a tactical knife and other gear, looked up terms like "most effective place to stab someone" and "quietest semi auto rifle," the application states.As part of the investigation, FBI agents are requesting search warrants for Google accounts and online chatlogs...
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Nicholas Roske googled stabbing methods before Brett Kavanaugh murder attempt

The California man charged with the attempted assassination of Supreme Court Justice Brett Kavanaugh googled the “most effective place to stab someone” before showing up at the conservative judge’s home with a stockpile of weapons, according to newly released details. The revelation was included in an FBI search warrant obtained by Fox News that shed light on other disturbing internet searches by Nicholas John Roske, 26, and alarming conversations he had with online strangers ahead of his alleged ill-fated plot to kill Kavanaugh. “Roske said that he used his Reddit account to ask individuals, who were unknown to him, questions in order...
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People With Uteruses Can’t Get Abortions. But Brett Kavanaugh Can’t Eat a $20 Sundae in Peace, Either!

I am sure by now you have heard the devastating news about Brett Kavanaugh, credibly-accused sexual assaulter/Supreme Court Justice/man who likes beer. It’s hard for me to even write this. But you need to hear it. On July 6, Kavanaugh was dining at a restaurant called Morton’s The Steakhouse in Washington D.C. He was minding his own business, just trying to eat some steak tartare (I actually don’t know what he was eating, but steak tartare sounds expensive and gross, so) when protesters gathered outside the restaurant.

Pete Buttigieg Torched A Fox News Host Who Tried To Demonize People Peacefully Protesting Brett Kavanaugh

Democrats rarely go on Fox News, even now that it appears they’re de-Trumping the joint. But when they do, they’re usually met with a lot of resistance. On Sunday, Pete Buttigieg showed how it’s done. When the presidential candidate-turned-secretary of transportation was asked about the people who recently protested outside a Morton’s steakhouse while Supreme Court justice Brett Kavanaugh was dining, he was no wet blanket.

Brett Kavanaugh Had to Leave Out the Back of a D.C. Morton's Steakhouse After Protestors Showed Up

U.S. Supreme Court Justice Brett Kavanaugh had to leave Morton's Steakhouse in Washington, D.C. through the back door after protesters arrived to confront him. On Wednesday, an organizing group called Shutdown DC posted to Twitter that it had received a tip that Kavanaugh was out to dinner in the city and encouraged people to message them in order to receive the location and confront the justice. About one hour later, the group posted again and said they were told Kavanaugh "snuck out the back with his security detail."

Brett Kavanaugh learned there’s no constitutional right to finishing dessert in peace

Imagine you’re one of the most powerful people in the country, who has just finished your years-long project of rolling back any number of constitutional protections for people who can bear children, people who breath oxygen, people who don’t want to get shot in the street, and so on. How do you celebrate your well-earned summer break? With a so-so chunk of meat at the Morton’s Steakhouse location in Washington, D.C., of course!

Morton's has been flooded with phone calls and fake reservations after it said Brett Kavanaugh had a 'right' to 'eat dinner' without protestors gathering outside

Morton's says it has been swamped with fake reservations after it defended Brett Kavanaugh's "right" to "eat dinner." Kavanaugh was dining at a DC location when demonstrators gathered outside to protest the overturn of Roe v. Wade. The justice left out a back door, with Morton's later saying the demonstration...

Justice Brett Kavanaugh Forced Out of Morton’s Steakhouse Over Pro-Choice Protest

Justice Brett Kavanaugh didn’t get dessert on Wednesday. According to reports, he was forced out of a Morton’s Steakhouse on July 6, after pro-choice protestors acted on a tip and converged in front of the downtown Washington, D.C. restaurant. The group ShutDown DC reportedly organized the action. “While the bada**es @OurRightsDC and his own neighbors are gathered outside #Kavanaugh’s home, the justice seems to have snuck out for a swanky DC dinner,” the group tweeted Wednesday. “We got a tip from someone who spotted him around 7:40. DM us if you want to join him…we’re sure he can pull up a seat!”