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Developer is replacing Brett Hage with John Temple (Part 2)

The April Campaign Contribution Report shows a lot more than the three companies that contributed to John Temple’s campaign. Here is what the list of companies looks like now, including a Lobbyist from Tallahassee, two PACs and various subcontractors for the Developer:. Timberwood Properties – Cabinet Maker. Tri...
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The Developer is replacing Brett Hage with John Temple

Statehouse candidate John Temple is getting campaign money from companies dealing with the Developer. In a twisted way, the Developer is replacing Brett Hage with John Temple. Property Owners’ Association rightly asked the question when announcing John Temple filing paperwork, “Does this Signal that Mr. Hage will not be seeking re-election?”
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‘Hopelessly compromised’ Brett Hage won’t seek another term in Florida House

State Rep. Brett Hage has announced he won’t seek another term in the Florida House of Representatives. Hage has been howled at by constituents since it was revealed that he is earning $350,000 per year working for The Villages. At the time of the revelation, Hage was knee-deep in an effort to pass legislation that would protect his employer from impact fees to be levied by the Sumter County Commission.

Rep. Brett Hage represents his boss and not the citizens

I am appalled every time I read about this bought-off state representative of ours. How can it be that Rep. Brett Hage can bring up a bill that has the most direct monetary effect for his employer? He should be ashamed of himself. If this is not the utmost of conflict of interests what would be? I can only hope his head will be held in disgrace for representing his employer and not the citizens of his district.

Rep. Brett Hage’s conflict of interest

Representative Brett Hage is a symbol of conflict of interest. He co-sponsored HB337 to keep impact fees low for his employer, the Developer of The Villages, resulting in higher taxes for us in Sumter County. We continue to pay the 25 percent increase in taxes imposed on us in 2019,...

Villager files paperwork to challenge state Rep. Brett Hage

A Villager has filed paperwork indicating he will challenge state Rep. Brett Hage in 2022. Ashok Marwah of the Village of Belvedere said he promised himself he would not get involved in politics five years ago when he moved to Florida’s Friendliest Hometown. Then came the 25 percent tax increase...

Villagers will continue to pay for Developer’s roads thanks to Rep. Brett Hage

Sumter County millage rate was 5.3365 and it was increased to 6.7 in 2019. 6.7 mills minus 5.3365 equals an increase of 1.3635 mills. Now to get the percentage difference you take this 1.3635 increase and divide it by the original millage rate of 5.3365 and that equals an increase of 25 percent in Ad Valorem tax for the Sumter County portion of the tax roll. You also have to account for the increase in assessed values prior to the new millage rate being applied, which then pushed many taxpayers well over the 25 percent rate for the Sumter County line only in Ad Valorem tax.

Brett Hage is an embarrassment to Sumter County

The saying you “get what you voted for” is alive and well here in Sumter County. Florida’s famous “good old boy” network is also alive and well. State Rep. Bret Hage has shown who he truly supports and it is not the taxpayers of Sumter County. Hage co-sponsored and voted for House Bill #337 (Impact Fees) which was signed into law by the Governor. Thanks to Hage, the “big government” House Bill #337’s law has become a monetary windfall for the Morse family who also is Hage’s employer.