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Moon Knight Writer Reveals He Pitched the Show as Ghostbusters Meets Brendan Fraser's The Mummy

Marvel's latest series on Disney+, Moon Knight, is easily one of the most unique entries in the Marvel Cinematic Universe to date. The action-packed story feels less like a comic book superhero tale and a bit like something more epic with its dive into the lore of the Egyptian gods and even a bit of globe-trotting adventure as well. And it turns out, that unique quality of Moon Knight goes all the way back to the pitch. Moon Knight head writer Jeremy Slater recently told's Adam Barnhardt that he pitched the series as something along the lines of Ghostbusters meets Brendan Fraser's The Mummy.
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Brendan Fraser Post Goes Viral After Fan Gets Hotel To Accommodate One Very Special Request

A number of actors have experienced career resurgences as of late, though the one that’s arguably been the most fun to watch is that of Brendan Fraser. The veteran Hollywood star is truly flourishing, and his fans are living for what’s been dubbed the Brenaissance. The love for Fraser truly runs deep as evidenced by the sheer amount of love he’s received across the Internet in recent months. Now, one of his admirers has taken to social media to share how a hotel accommodated his special, Fraser-related request.

Brendan Fraser is as nice as you’d expect according to Batgirl star

We all like to believe ’90s movie icon Brendan Fraser is a nice guy, and according to his cast-mates on the upcoming Batgirl movie, he is. Leslie Grace, who’s playing Barbara Gordon in the DCEU spin-off, has stated he’s all that and more. In an interview with...
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Brendan Fraser Is Set To Play A Villain In Upcoming DC Movie, But It Sounds Like He Was An Absolute Delight On Set

At this point we’ve officially entered the Brenaissance, and I’m totally here for it. Fans of Brendan Fraser have rooted for his comeback, and Fraser has landed another gig in the DC universe, after his role of Robotman in Doom Patrol, as a member of the cast of Batgirl. Fraser plays the villain Firefly in the HBO Max film, but his co-star Leslie Grace explains how delightful he himself is to work with on set.

'Batgirl': Leslie Graces Dishes on Working With Michael Keaton, Brendan Fraser and J.K. Simmons (Exclusive)

Leslie Grace can't wait for comic book fanatics to see her shine in the upcoming HBO Max release of Batgirl. Grace recently got fans excited for the highly anticipated movie by sharing a photo of her in the Batgirl catsuit. The In The Heights star scored big with the role, with it being only her second film role. The Bronx-born singer is starring alongside heavy-hitters such as Michael Keaton, J.K. Simmons, and Brendan Fraser and told Pop Culture in a recent interview about just how much she soaked in from working with them in the film.

Leslie Grace Describes Working With Brendan Fraser On Batgirl, Now We Want To Work With Brendan Fraser

While we still don't have a release date for HBO Max's upcoming "Batgirl" movie, we do know just enough to be excited about the mysterious forthcoming DC property. There's little doubt that "In The Heights" standout Leslie Grace will be an impressive Barbara Gordon/Batgirl, and initial photos reveal a great, comic-accurate costume. Equally exciting is the return of Michael Keaton's iteration of Bruce Wayne/Batman, a role he made iconic in the still-beloved pair of Tim Burton-helmed "Batman" films.

The Daily Stream: Turn Off Your Brain And Love Brendan Fraser In Encino Man

The Pitch: Dave Morgan (Sean Astin) is your average '90s teenager in California. He's not the most popular kid in school, but he's also not the biggest nerd, he's just Dave. Outside of his best friend Stoney (Pauly Shore at his most Pauly Shore), Dave coasts by as just another nobody, but thinks digging an in-ground pool in his backyard will be his ticket to popularity. While digging the foundation, he and Stoney discover a block of ice containing a caveman. The duo store the block in the garage, but much to their surprise, the ice block thaws and the caveman (Brendan Fraser) escapes fully intact, but naturally confused as all hell by 1990s society. Dave and Stoney decide to pass off the caveman as a foreign exchange student named Link, and inadvertently turn him into the most popular guy in school.
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Nathan Fillion, Brendan Fraser added to MegaCon Orlando lineup

ORLANDO, Fla. — Two more celebrity guests have been added to the MegaCon lineup. Nathan Fillion, Brendan Fraser added to MegaCon lineup. Fillion will be at the convention May 21-22, while Fraser will be there May 21. Other celebrity guests include the "Lord of the Rings" cast; William Zabka...