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Brannon Braga was angered by fans’ initial response to Jeri Ryan

Brannon Braga was bothered by people’s assumptions about Jeri Ryan. As the third season of Star Trek: Voyager came to an end, the ratings weren’t quite what the production team wanted. So they knew they needed something to change things up and create some excitement. Serving as the executive producer and showrunner, Brannon Braga felt that the series didn’t have that “one science-fictiony character,” as he was quoted in Star Trek: Voyager: A Celebration.
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Brannon Braga was embarrassed by Extinction

Brannon Braga, the creator and executive producer of Star Trek: Enterprise, was behind many of the series’ better episodes, including Dear Doctor and Stigma, but there is one episode he admits simply didn’t work. That was Extinction, the third episode of the third season of Enterprise. Having previously written Threshold for Star Trek: Voyager, Braga hoped he could, in a sense, redo the episode and make it right that time. Instead, Extinction has become one of the least-liked episodes in the entire series.
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Bill Nye to Host Peacock Science Series, Brannon Braga and Seth MacFarlane to Produce (EXCLUSIVE)

Peacock has ordered a new series hosted by world-famous science educator Bill Nye, Variety has learned exclusively. Each episode of the show, titled “The End is Nye,” dives into the myths and realities of both natural and unnatural threats, from viruses to volcanoes, asteroids to authoritarianism, and climate change to chemical warfare. The show offers a scientific blueprint for surviving, mitigating, and preventing such catastrophes from occurring.

Brannon Braga wanted Seven of Nine to die in Voyager’s series finale

When Seven of Nine was separated from the Borg collective, she had a difficult time assimilating to human life. Star Trek: Voyager painted her as a strong-willed, almost unyielding character at first, but she soon became a part of the crew. Even with her quirks and tendency to take things too literally, she made friends and found a home aboard the ship. But that didn’t change her past or her future, and for Brannon Braga, both of those were tragic. She was a human/Borg hybrid with death and destruction in her past and uncertainty and distrust ahead. Which is why Braga thought she should die in the final episode of the series, Endgame, and he even argued for it to happen.

Brannon Braga thought people would feel sorry for the Vidiians

Anyone who has watched Star Trek: Voyager will remember the Vidiians, the scary-looking race of aliens who were suffering from an incurable plague that was killing them. In order to stay alive, they would take the organs and skin they needed from anyone they encountered or could lure in. (See Star Trek: Voyager: Phage). Their desperation meant they were willing to kill to save themselves. And they didn’t apologize for it.