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Brandon Presley

In Mississippi, there are now people in remote areas that have better and more affordable Internet than many households in more populated towns and cities. This previously unthinkable reality was made possible by a grass-roots movement sparked by the leadership of Brandon Presley, northern district commissioner of the Mississippi Public Service Commission.
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The Northeast Mississippi Daily Journal

Public Service Commissioner Brandon Presley to Hold Fulton Town Hall Meeting

Public Service Commissioner Brandon Presley will address citizens in the Fulton area on Thursday, March 31st at 6:00 p.m. The meeting will take place at the Itawamba County Courthouse located at 201 West Main Street in Fulton. The purpose of this meeting with Commissioner Presley is to discuss public utility service, high-speed internet service, cellular phone service, among other issues.
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The Northeast Mississippi Daily Journal

Brandon Presley nets over $400,000 in campaign cash from bipartisan donors

JACKSON • Brandon Presley, amid speculation that he is eyeing a run for governor, has netted almost $475,000 in campaign donations within the last year. Combined with previous donations, the three-term utility regulator from north Mississippi is sitting on approximately $519,000 in cash on hand in his public service commissioner campaign account.
Daily Corinthian

Can Brandon Presley be the statewide winner Democrats can’t seem to find?

Northern District Public Service Commissioner Brandon Presley cited the red letters in the Bible (those of Jesus) as he spoke of the need to use some of the billions in Mississippi’s federal funds to ensure all Mississippians have access to high-speed internet and safe public water systems. Presley, speaking...

Federal ARP Funds: Fix Things, Don’t Fiddle Them Away – Guest column by Public Service Commissioner Brandon Presley

I’m a proud fan of old country music. This modern stuff parading around as “country music” just isn’t for me. Not long ago, I heard Merle Haggard singing about “drinking that free bubble-up and eating that rainbow stew.” Immediately, I thought of an old political friend who used that line when talking about wasteful government programs that promised a lot, but delivered very little. Lord help us if we get too high and happy with the over $2.7 billion currently flowing into local and state coffers from the American Rescue Plan.