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10 Things You Didn’t Know about Brandon McMillan

There are people who consider themselves dog lovers, and then there’s Brandon McMillan. He loves dogs so much that he’s built an entire career based around them. Brandon is a talented and experienced dog trainer who hasn’t met an old dog he can’t teach a new trick. What Brandon is best-known for, however, is the work he’s done on TV. He has been sharing his talents on screen for over a decade and many people will recognize him best as the host of Lucky Dog, a position he held from 2013 to 2020. Needless to say, fans were shocked when season 8 premiered in 2021 and Brandon was nowhere to be found. While his Lucky Dog days may be a thing of the past, we haven’t seen the last of Brandon. Keep reading for 10 things you didn’t know about Brandon McMillan.
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Why Did Brandon McMillan Leave 'Lucky Dog'? The Beloved Host Has Been Replaced

When Lucky Dog premiered in 2013, viewers quickly fell in love with host Brandon McMillan, who rescued "unadoptable" dogs from animals shelters across the U.S. The dog trainer then took the canines to his training facility, the Lucky Dog Ranch, where he tackled the daunting task of transforming the scared, unloved animals into the perfect companions. It's basically every dog lover's dream.
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Why is Brandon McMillan leaving Lucky Dog?

BRANDON McMillan, who has been the host of CBS' Lucky Dog for seven seasons, announced he was leaving the show in October 2020. The eighth season of the Emmy-winning show will see two new hosts replace Brandon. Why is Brandon McMillan leaving Lucky Dog?. On October 24, Brandon took to...

Brandon McMillan Leaving “Lucky Dog”: Why Did the Host Leave?

Brandon McMillan has been the heart and soul of Lucky Dog since it premiered on CBS in 2013. Which is why the news of the dog trainer leaving the show after hosting seven seasons comes as a shock to fans. McMillan announced the news two months ago, and solidified his stance again in December at the same time Lucky Dog announced its new hosts. Why is Brandon McMillan leaving Lucky Dog? His statements have given long-time fans some insight into his departure.