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Incubus' Brandon Boyd Shares 'A Better Universe'

Incubus frontman Brandon Boyd has released a music video for his new single "A Better Universe", which comes from his forthcoming solo album, "Echoes And Cocoons". Brandon had this to say about the song, "I suppose I have understood for much of my life that it's through communication and cooperation that we can potentially arrive at a place that is clearer than where we came from. Being in a band for 30 years now has shown me, for better or for worse, so much about what it is to be in a 'chosen' family dynamic. We have our moments of celebration, where we clink glasses, cheer and embrace around shared accomplishments. Then we do our very best to lean into one another around the inevitable moments when things don't go according to plan and we are asked to test our capacities for adaptation. This part is more the rule than it is the exception, and if a family dynamic doesn't learn how to adapt around swiftly changing landscapes they'll be lost in the woods and destined to malfunction and ultimately fade into obscurity. The moments between the peaks and the valleys are of equal importance and I've learned over the decades that these areas of stasis are just as crucial to familiarize oneself with.

Incubus’ Brandon Boyd releases new solo song, “A Better Universe”

Incubus frontman Brandon Boyd has released a new solo song called “A Better Universe.”. The eerie track — which finds Boyd singing, “It’s a better universe without you in it” — is available now via digital outlets. An accompanying, animated video is streaming now on YouTube.

Incubus Vocalist Brandon Boyd Shares New Solo Track “A Better Universe”

Brandon Boyd, vocalist for the multi-platinum alternative rock band Incubus, has shared yet another single from his new solo album “Echoes And Cocoons“. The newest offering ahead of that album’s March 11th release is the song “A Better Universe” and it’s accompanied by a video directed by Alex Sarzosa.

Brandon Boyd Releases “A Better Universe” Single From Forthcoming Solo Album

Brandon Boyd has been releasing singles from his forthcoming ECHOES AND COCOONS for months now and the latest is going to be the last prior to the release of the full album on 3/11. The album can be pre-ordered now HERE. The new single, “A Better Universe,” comes to us with a video from the same team who gave us the animated adventure that accompanied “Dime In My Dryer.” The video will premiered on Boyd’s youtube channel at 9am PST on 2/11.

ECHOES AND COCOONS: Brandon Boyd On Breathing Life Into His Captivating New Solo Album

Brandon Boyd has always been a searcher. His journey as a multi-disciplinary artist (and legendry frontman of Incubus) has taken him to all corners of the globe and exposed him to a vast array of people and cultures. Those experiences, which he holds close to his heart, have always served as the fuel for his creative fire. So, not surprisingly, the onset of the global pandemic also managed to leave a mark on his eclectic body of work, no matter the medium. During those dark days, the muse came calling. It wasn’t long before legendary producer John Congleton (Sigur Ros, Phoebe Bridgers, Lana Del Ray) entered the fray. Together, they painstakingly crafted one of Boyd’s most captivating endeavors to date, solo or otherwise, ‘Echoes and Cocoons.’ The album’s initial singles, ‘Pocket Knife,’ ‘Petrichor,’ and “Dime In My Dryer,” are just a taste of the magic they have pulled from the ether. Jason Price of Icon Versus Icon recently caught up with Brandon Boyd for a deep dive into his journey as an artist, the challenges of finding balance, and the creative process behind ‘Echoes and Cocoons.’

Incubus’ Brandon Boyd Debuts “Dime In My Dryer” Music Video

Incubus vocalist Brandon Boyd‘s latest solo single “Dime In My Dryer” now has an official visual accompaniment. That song is among the 10 featured on his forthcoming album, “Echoes & Cocoons“, due out March 11th. Speaking previously of this song and the inspiration behind it,...

Incubus’ Brandon Boyd thought When We Were Young lineup was fake: “If it’s real, I think it’s awesome”

Few festival lineups have turned heads like Las Vegas’ When We Were Young has with headliners My Chemical Romance and Paramore, plus pretty much every other band you might’ve heard in a Hot Topic in 2006. But in between the exclamations of joy from scene kids of all ages were some nagging doubts that the bill was too good to be true.

Paltrocast with Darren Paltrowitz: Brandon Boyd of Incubus

This "Paltrocast" features Darren's recent interview with singer, author and philanthropist Brandon Boyd from Incubus. Tune in to watch on Friday, February 4th, at 7:00 PM on BX ARTS channels 68 Optimum/2134 FiOS in the Bronx and online at

Incubus Frontman Brandon Boyd Premieres 'Dime In My Dryer'

Incubus frontman Brandon Boyd has premiered his brand new solo single "Dime In My Dryer", which is the latest track from his forthcoming album, "Echoes And Cocoons" (out March 11th). "Dime In My Dryer" follows the release of the previous singles, "Pocket Knife" and "Petrichor." Brandon had this to say...